JNLR 2012 Q4 National Radio Listenership

any radio 2012 4

You couldn’t say that that, at a reach of 84% of the population, there was any real cause for alarm. But the radio picture does seem to have a particular trend to it. Perhaps, like other media, there is a touch of fragmentation happening and that more attention and listening minutes is on the digital […]

JNLR 2012 Q4 Dublin Radio Listenership

the Dublin gap

Dubliners have thirteen stations to choose from so it’s a very busy parish to be plying your trade in. Not unlike the national picture, the dominant player is RTE1 having a reach of 27% and 274,000 listeners on average every day. Their dominance has been severely eroded over the past few surveys and they are […]

JNLR 2012 Q4 Local Radio Stations

The local stations are doing well and collectively they are up 24,000 or one percentage point. In general it’s a very static affair with Highland Radio still retaining a 65% reach in its franchise area. One notable movement was Galway Bay FM that managed to add 16,000 listeners and improve its reach to by 7% […]

Newstalk Listnership 2012_4

Newstalk 2012 4

  Breakfast suffered in Newstalk but Tom Dunne managed to hold his own. Other slogs show marginal increased. Off the Ball went Off the Boil red carding 22% of their listeners  Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-10.00 Breakfast  NEWSTALK 121 133 -12 10.00-12.00 Tom Dunne NEWSTALK 53 53 0 12.00-13.30 Lunchtime NEWSTALK 61 63 […]

Today_FM Listnership 2012_4

Today 2012 4

  Today FM managed to increase listenership in the first three berths of the day (from a Godly hour on anyway). They are still second to RTE1 nationally, but they have been dropping in Dublin quarter after successive quarter.  Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-09.00 The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show TODAY 175 171 4 […]

Lyric_FM Listnership 2012_4

lyric 2012 4

  Lyric is down marginally by 8,000 and by 13,000 in the capital. Although, it think it would be a stretch to suggest they are losing to FM104. Niall Carroll’s numbers are distorted as he is doing a double shift these days having previously knocked off at two Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-10.00 […]

2FM Listnership 2012_4

2FM 2012 4

  The national broadcasters second station 2FM is struggling nationally and in Dublin this quarter. Hector and Will Leahy to only ones not showing a deficit on last year and Tubridy loosing the lion’s share of the numbers     Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-09.00 Breakfast With Hector 2FM 124 124 0 09.00-11.00 […]

RTE1 Listnership 2012_4

RTE1 2012 4

  Very small changes to the numbers in the main station. Some of the lighter, more entertainment oriented programmes losing out and Drivetime and the News at One making ground – are we getting serious as a body of listeners at last?   Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-09.00  Morning Ireland RTE1 441 446 -5 […]

Top 30 Programmes 2012 Q4 JNLR

The leader board is very much the same in terms of players, but some positions have changed.  Joe is still not King. He’s the heir apparent no doubt, but this quarter again still only second in line to the RTE and national throne. The big ones would be Marion’s’ Sunday slot loosing 44,000 listeners and […]