JNLR 2014 Q3 National Listenership

The listenership picture for radio has remained fairly static over the last few surveys with radio listenership remaining at 83%. In this survey this represents 2.9m people tuning in to one station or another every day. RTE1 dropped 24,000 listeners or 3% but is still listened to by 23% of the population daily (down 1% point) or 837,000 people. The national broadcaster is under pressure on a lot of fronts and as you go through

JNLR 2014 Q3 Top Thirty

This year, like every year, the Top 30 is a mixed bag. Still the biggest draw in the radio landscape is Morning Ireland with a reach of 429,000 people every morning which is 12% of the population its down 19,000 on 2013Q3 or 4%.  This is followed by Liveline at 382,000 and its sees a fall of 31,000 or 8% on the year. Actually most of the top portion table have seen a decline in

JNLR 2014 Q3 Dublin Listenership

Looking at Dublin the listenership of any radio has increased marginally both over the twelve months and book on book. Listenership in the capital is static at an 80% reach, which is  equivalent to 815,000 listeners every day in the 2014Q3 survey. But underneath this metric lie some very interesting details. Below is a table of the current stations standings comparing them to the survey of 2013Q3. For the ‘book-on-book’ club I’ve also conjured up

JNLR 2014 Q2 National Radio Listenership

The national picture shows that over the year listenership to radio slipped by one point to 83% or 2.9m people daily. In fairness it’s marginally ahead of the previous survey (Q1) by some 13,000 listeners. National radio listenership is up by 22,000 in the twelve months and home local stations dropped by 51,000. Looking at the individual stations the big performer again this survey was Newstalk adding 77,000 listeners (+27%) to bring them into double

JNLR 2014 Q2 Dublin Listenership

The capital’s fortunes changed in this survey following twelve successive surveys of either stagnation or decline with Dublin radio listenership gaining a point to 80% bringing listenership to 810,000 on an average weekday (67% and 60% on Saturday and Sunday respectively for the overly curious). But beneath that figure lies a tangles web of thirteen stations whose fortunes were varied over the year. For illustrative purposes I’ve added a table this time around showing the all the

JNLR 2014 Q2 Station Programmes

Looking at the individual stations and their underlying output now. In looking at these just remember that they are year on year comparisons: 14Q2 V 13Q2. Then within the stations there may have been changes to the schedule in terms of personality or the program time slot. So on the surface some figures might look like there’s been a dramatic change (up or down) but you’d have to drill deeper to see what the underlying

JNLR 2014 Q2 Top 30

There always has to be a top something or other, so here’s the Irish Radio top thirty. Twenty two of the top thirty births are occupied by an RTE station. The big gains, in percentage terms, are for Pat Kenny, two breakfast shows and the two sports slots on RTE (see bottom of the page). Fallers were News at One and Liveline (one wonders was there a slight knock on effect there). Miriam Meets falls

JNLR 2014 Q2 Regional/Local Stations

Turning to regional and local now: In terms of regional stations they face stiff and very localised competition from the home local stations in their respective franchises. Add to this the competition from the national broadcasters and you really have your work cut out for you. But, in the main, each of the Regional Stations is tracking in the right direction. Beat 102 in the Southwest franchise still manages to keep RTE1 at bay and

JNLR 2014 Q1 National Listenership

The National picture shows mixed fortunes. Overall radio slipped 54,000 on the twelve months, or 2%. But is only back marginally on the previous book and it’s showing no difference in the percentage reach at 83% on that book.    In terms of individual stations, the national broadcaster dropped 18,000 (2%) to 845,000 and maintained its 24%.2FM was back 3,000 year on year after having made some gains in the latter surveys. But these gains

JNLR 2014 Q1 Dublin Listenership

Dublin listenership straightened out after successive declines survey after survey. Actually, it’s not since 12Q1 has Dublin listenership increased on the previous survey. But taking the year on year approach listenership in the capital is down 15,000 and two percentage points on 13Q1. Oftentimes the pendulum swings underlying the headline figure are minute, but this year bucks that trend. The big faller, in the magnitude of 12%, was FM104 falling by 26,000 listeners to 194,000

JNLR 2014 Q1 Station Programmes

Here we take a look at the individual stations and their weekday daytime programmes. Two points to consider. Firstly the comparisons are year on year, not book on book so the comparisons in other quarters in many cases will be different – neither are wrong, the approaches are different that’s all. This survey, more than others, there have been some large or wholesale changes in programming across many stations. The programmes in the time slot

JNLR 2014 Q1 Top 30

I’ve updated this and expanded it to the top 30. We have twenty programmes for RTE1, five for Today FM, three for 2FM and two for Newstalk.  Anyway, a series of ups and downs. Marian has to get the award this quarter for a serious increase in traffic up 25%. Claire Byrne comes in for mention increasing by 17%. As for the sport figure of an 54% increase – it’s fairly baffling.      

JNLR 2014 Q1 Regional/Local Stations

Turning now to the Regional franchises and the local stations – looked at collectively this time round as there are a better fit together rather than separating the two.   The regional stations are still performing well, but in every case they have a long way before they catch up on the local radio numbers. Although the home local dominates in every case it looks as if their grip is loosening as you can see

JNLR 2013 Q4 National Listenership

The National picture has been more or less static in terms of overall Radio listenership for the past few surveys. In this survey it’s down from a 84% reach to 83% reach on the same period last year but stable on the previous survey.  Looking at the individual stations RTE1 dropped 19,000 listeners but kept its percentage reach, as did most stations in the survey. 2FM and Lyric saw marginal increases over the year but

JNLR 2013 Q4 Dublin Listenership

Dublin listenership has slipped yet again and is now at a reach of 79% or 803,000 listeners. Actually the listenership in the capital has either been briefly static or in decline since the survey of 2011 Q1 which is eleven surveys back at this point. There’s very little to indicate the reason for the decline in Radio listenership in the capital and one can only speculate that other activities have taken the place of what

Pat Kenny’s Potential Audience

This is a bit of number crunching and speculation around the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk. There are two things we know: we know where they are and we know where they were! Using that, a few sums and a bit of educated guesswork, we’re going to see where Pat Kenny might be hitting audience wise – with a few caveats naturally. ‘Below the fold’ you’ll find an editable spreadsheet which contains the basis of

JNLR 2013 Q4 Station Programmes

Here we take a look at the individual stations and their programmes and how they compare to the same survey last year. This comparison is the twelve months to December 2013 compared to the twelve months to December 2012. This year like others there will be differences in the comparative figures. The 2013 Q4 figure will be the same in all places that you read them, but the comparison figure is probably different here. These

JNLR 2013 Q4 Top 30

This is the top 30, and to be honest shakes up a bit of interest and it’s the portion of the survey that the rest of the media, mainly print media, pick up on. The big gains come from the two Sport slots on RTE at the weekend and Claire Byrne on a Saturday. It’s a fact of like that schedules change, so where possible the asterisk denotes that the comparison has changed. Fallers in

JNLR 2013 Q4 Local Stations

Much like previous surveys, local area franchises remain as they were. Except there are two large fallers this survey. Galway Bay dropped 25,000 and thirteen percentage points and Tipp FM dropped 13,000 and ten percentage points. To counter this there were no huge gains either, the largest being East Coast with 3,000. As you can see from the graphs beow, time has not been kind to the Locals. Once the debutant darling of the radio

JNLR 2013 Q3 National Listenership

The National picture for radio is still very healthy with 2,995,000 or 83% tuning in on an average day. But as the graphic shows the picture has been one of slight erosion over that past few surveys given that in 2009 radio’s reach was 87%. The proliferation of technology isn’t exactly helping radio listenership as with technology comes other distractions like Facebook and Twitter etc which might well be eating into what was once radio