JNLR 2013_1 Local Stations

Local stations remained fairly static year on year with the biggest gain coming from Ocean FM gaining 4% or 3,000 listeners. Galway Bay also gained adding 3,000 listeners to 84,000. Out of the sixteen franchises there were four gains, two static and ten fallers. So the overall momentum for the local stations would seem to […]

JNLR 2013_1 Dublin Stations

dub reach 000 13 1

Turning to the capital and it shows that 85% of its inhabitants or 863,000 people tune in to radio each day. The biggest draw is RTE1 reaching 277,000 or 27% followed by FM104 with 220,000 which makes the gap 57,000 listeners ever day.  It was a fairly static affair over the past twelve months with […]

RTE1 Listnership 2013_1

rte q 13 1

  There were some very small changes to the numbers in RTE1. The mornings fell back a little, but News at One and Liveline gained over the year.       Time Programme Station 2013_1 2012_1 ‘+/- 07.00-09.00 Morning Ireland RTE1 443 449 -6 09.00-10.00 John Murray RTE1 327 334 -7 10.00-12.00 Today With Pat […]

2FM Listnership 2013_1

2fm q 13 1

  Not a great story from 2FM. All of their shows were down bar the breakfast slot with Hector. Tubirty is back 8% and Rick O’Shea was down 11%    Time Programme Station 2013_1 2012_1 ‘+/- 07.00-09.00 Breakfast With Hector 2FM 128 122 6 09.00-11.00 Tubridy 2FM 159 172 -13 11.00-13.00 Colm Hayes 2FM 136 141 […]

Lyric_FM Listnership 2013_1

lyr q 13 1

  Looking at the programme blocks you wouldn’t think that the station was down 12%, but we’re talking about small numbers so they can be quiet volatile. Classical Drivetime looks like it made huge gains but the slot is simply expanded in comparison to last year.   Time Programme Station 2012_4 2011_4 +/- 07.00-10.00 Marty in […]

Today_FM Listnership 2013_1

tod q 13 1

  Today FM was down 4% nationally. All of the daytime slots were down with Tony Fenton and Matt Cooper being the biggest fallers. Ray D’Arcy is still the biggest draw with 243,000 listeners.  Time Programme Station 2013_1 2012_1 ‘+/- 07.00-09.00 The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show TODAY 175 183 -8 09.00-12.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show […]

Newstalk Listnership 2013_1

news q 13 1

  Breakfast was the biggest faller down 17,000 or 12%. Tom Dunne grew his audience in the face of stiff competition. George Hook made more gains to 132,000 and off the ball, who suggested in March they borrow an hour off Mr Hook, dropped 10% to 43,000.   Time Programme Station 2013_1 2012_1 ‘+/- 07.00-10.00 Breakfast  […]

JNLR 2013_1 National Listnership Programmes

nat 13 1 qs

Now we can take a look at the individual stations by programme and through a comparison of their quarter hours segments to see how they stack up against each other. The programme blocks are as they are currently. So in a few cases, there would have been a change in scheduling over the year, so […]

JNLR 2013_1 Top 30 Programmes

The top listened to programmes show some big moves from the same period as last year last. This time round Breakfast with Hector nudged into #29 slot and Newstalk’s Breakfast have to give way to it. Morning Ireland is still the most listened programme on the airwaves reaching 433,000 people every day. Joe Duffy is […]

JNLR 2013_1 National Stations

Nat reach 000 13 1

Looking that the national picture and how the individual stations have done, it shows that all of the stations in the survey have lost listeners in comparison to last year. The Donnybrook stable, which has the most to lose in the first place, have had the sharpest declines. RTE1 falling 34,000, 2FM dropped 30,000 listeners […]

JNLR 2013_1 Radio Listnership

any radio 13 1

The latest JNLR survey, the twelve months to March 2013, show that radio listenership has slipped very slightly. It fell back by 36,000 listeners compared to the same twelve months to March in 2012. It’s a marginal decrease of 1% but still leaves radio’s reach at a healthy 84% of the population, the same percentage […]

JNLR 2013_2 Station Programmes

Here’s a look at the individual stations but focussing on their main weekday programmes. There are a few items to note in this exercise before we come to any firm conclusions. I’m at pains to point out the differences in analysis here and elsewhere. I look at the twelve months to March 2013 and they […]