JNLR 2013_1 Radio Listnership

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The latest JNLR survey, the twelve months to March 2013, show that radio listenership has slipped very slightly. It fell back by 36,000 listeners compared to the same twelve months to March in 2012. It’s a marginal decrease of 1% but still leaves radio’s reach at a healthy 84% of the population, the same percentage point as last year.

any radio 13 1

There are very small variances in the quarter hour comparisons. Radio peaks Nationally in the early morning, again at lunch time and makes a small resurgence again at ‘drive-time’.

radio reach 000 13 1

To look at this on an hour by hour comparison to last year you can see that the main differences lie in the early morning slot, the run up to lunch and, positively, at the home time commute. The graph may look extreme but at worst its a -4% difference and at best +6%. But that’s looking at it in minutia and it’s also looking at all radio – when stations are so diverse, so it seems wrong to lump them together.

radio hour change 13 1


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