JNLR 2013_2 Station Programmes

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Here’s a look at the individual stations but focussing on their main weekday programmes. There are a few items to note in this exercise before we come to any firm conclusions. I’m at pains to point out the differences in analysis here and elsewhere. I look at the twelve months to March 2013 and they are compared to the twelve months to March 2012 – a year on year comparison. In many quarters, actually nearly all others, the comparison would be made between the twelve months to March 2013 and the twelve months to December 2012. This would be a book on book comparison.

So, while all the figures to this survey are correct and will be the same in other places, the differences in gains/losses can be significantly different –you can make an argument for both analysis as both are numerically correct.

Finally I’ve highlighted as best as I can where there have been schedule changes, which can throw a comparison year on year. Click through the tabs to see each station:


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