Irish Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

And Finally…. The much awaited ‘Island Of Ireland Report finally made it to daylight. And its as expected, it’s unpleasant reading. Below are the topline for the main markets. The Sundays took the brunt of the blow, suffering a 61,000 decline from the period Jan-June ‘09 to Jan-June ‘10. To put that in context: that’s […]

Irish Sunday Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

The Sundays had mixed fortunes. For the papers that have their finger on the pulse and not elsewhere and who actually publish timely circulation numbers on a monthly basis, their plight is well documented. In the market four papers have circulations of under 10,000 and therefore throw up large percentage swings, so we’re not going […]

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

In numerical terms not the same drop as the Sundays but in percentage terms is severe. Even looking back as far as the millennium you wont see the same percentage decline. The Tabloids, like the Sunday market have been in decline for many months – seeming feeling the effects of the ‘R’ worse than others. […]

Irish Evening Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

It’s a waste of pixels, but it has to be done. Publication Jan June 2009 Jan June 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Evening Herald 71,187 67,657 -3,530 -5% Echo 24,192 22,288 -1,904 -8% Total 95,379 89,945 -5,434 -6% More of the same. The only item of note is with regard to the “Dubliner” wrapped up […]

Irish Regional Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2010

The only reason I used the phrase ‘regional newspapers’ in the title was because that’s how the phrase will be. They should be called (rebranded) the less parochial “weekly” or “local newspapers”, but I digress. Because of the chopping an changing in this market, it’s difficult to get an exact handle on it. The only […]