Irish Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

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And Finally…. The much awaited ‘Island Of Ireland Report finally made it to daylight. And its as expected, it’s unpleasant reading. Below are the topline for the main markets. The Sundays took the brunt of the blow, suffering a 61,000 decline from the period Jan-June ‘09 to Jan-June ‘10. To put that in context: that’s the single largest yearly drop looking back to 2000. The Mornings also lost out by 46,000 or 7%. And, again, a little bit of history there as its the largest percentage decline in the morning market since 2000. The Evenings? Should really be a “copy and paste” from last year – more of the same.

Market Jan June 2009 Jan June 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Total Sunday 1,182,252 1,120,808 -61,444 -5%
Total Morning 651,701 605,359 -46,342 -7%
Total Evening 95,379 89,945 -5,434 -6%

Total Market 1,929,332 1,816,112 -113,220 -6%