Irish Regional Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2010

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The only reason I used the phrase ‘regional newspapers’ in the title was because that’s how the phrase will be. They should be called (rebranded) the less parochial “weekly” or “local newspapers”, but I digress. Because of the chopping an changing in this market, it’s difficult to get an exact handle on it.

The only way is to compare “like with like” on the different years. So, like with like (ie the papers that were around in ‘08 and are still publishing a figure today) – the market is down 54,000 copies per week or 15%. Similarly, ‘09 to ‘10, the market is down 27,000 or 8%.

The highlights would be that the big drop was in the Kerryman down over 2,000 copies and nearly 5,000 over two years. From these figure it would seem that they were on their own in the Kingdom, but they are not. They have plenty of competition from publications that are not ABC audited and, therefore, are not published here. (The same can be said for every county, so sometimes the “competition factor” is not obvious as it would be on the ground).

The Leinster Leader and Meath Chronicle also took a dip (possibly attributed to foreign nationals returning/leaving?). Again, without the laborious line by line approach – one point: The local press cannot sustain a 7% decrease year on year. The local (or regional press as they insist on) are partly to blame. There is no sustained marketing effort collectively to promote their medium – one that’s held in high regard at a local level, but with a certain derision from the Dublin media buying “glitterati”.

They should harness the passion of the local populace to their publications and harness the goldmine they have in local information along with a myriad of other items the currently don’t do!

PublicationJan-June ‘10Jan-June ‘09Jan-June ‘08’10 to ’09’10 to ’08
The Anglo Celt12,41913,24713,836-828-1,417
The Argus9,78510,59111,477-806-1,692
Bray People4,2474,8365,208-589-961
Carlow People4,0144,6084,599-594-585
Connacht Sentinel5,3115,119192
Connacht Tribune22,13624,407-2,271
The Corkman7,1967,5048,017-308-821
Donegal Democrat (Thurs)10,40811,97812,572-1,570-2,164
Donegal Democrat (Tues)7,6327,9708,882-338-1,250
Donegal News Friday11,48011,54111,977-61-497
Donegal News Monday3,9873,8733,630114357
Donegal News Group15,46715,14115,607326-140
Donegal Post4,2574,977
Drogheda Independent7,5878,80110,020-1,214-2,433
Dundalk Democrat5,8496,496
The Echo7,6137,7929,263-179-1,650
Enniscorthy Guardian6,8887,3617,453-473-565
Fingal Independent3,8394,7765,432-937-1,593
Inish Times5,2365,4866,070-250-834
The Kerryman20,60022,79725,089-2,197-4,489
Kilkenny People13,34214,39315,526-1,051-2,184
Leinster & Offaly Express12,83814,18615,457-1,348-2,619
Leinster Leader8,48810,27711,969-1,789-3,481
Leitrim Observer7,6087,6168,064-8-456
Leitrim Post4,2454,245
Limerick Leader (Weekend)17,60019,03421,102-1,434-3,502
Longford Leader8,3758,7499,079-374-704
The Mayo News10,22910,511
Meath Chronicle12,00913,29415,249-1,285-3,240
Midland Tribune (Series)10,136
Munster Express6,7428,27910,005-1,537-3,263
The Nationalist14,375
Nationalist & Munster Adv11,22712,73113,791-1,504-2,564
Nenagh Guardian7,4187,9068,237-488-819
New Ross Standard5,8776,0796,303-202-426
Roscommon Herald7,9078,4109,032-503-1,125
Sligo Champion9,94410,84611,868-902-1,924
Tipperary Star7,7598,4689,072-709-1,313
The Tuam Herald9,0649,2679,355-203-291
Westmeath Examiner6,5967,6568,897-1,060-2,301
Wexford People11,49712,28012,698-783-1,201
Wicklow People10,67611,57912,552-903-1,876
L/L 10′ – ’08313,365367,388-54,023-14.70%
L/L 10′ – ’09319,214345,848-26,634-7.70%