Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations Jan June 2010

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In numerical terms not the same drop as the Sundays but in percentage terms is severe. Even looking back as far as the millennium you wont see the same percentage decline. The Tabloids, like the Sunday market have been in decline for many months – seeming feeling the effects of the ‘R’ worse than others.

The Irish Times dropped 8% to 105,000, again for them it’s the single biggest y.o.y. decline since 2000 (only looking back that far). That has to be a bit worrying for Tara St given the investment they have made in the title of late. The Irish Independent is down 7,000 or 5% and the decline is all ‘natural’ with their level of bulks at a constant 13% each year.

The compact/broadsheet divide is a difficult one. The papers regular bulks figure consists mainly of the compact variety. So looking at the 128,000 odd papers that are non bulks for the I.I. the split is about 60/40 in favour of the compact.

The Tabloids have all different stories. The Sun is suffering at the vagaries of the retail chain holed up in the glass palace in Stephen Street and that hasn’t helped in a poor year. The other tabloids are suffering with the economy.

PublicationJan June 2009Jan June 2010Diff ‘000Diff %
Irish Independent152,204144,896-7,308-5%
Irish Times114,488105,742-8,746-8%
Daily Mirror64,52560,418-4,107-6%
Irish Daily Star101,27793,630-7,647-8%
The Sun96,68386,453-10,230-11%
Daily Express3,2592,971-288-9%
Irish Daily Mail52,22750,515-1,712-3%
Daily Telegraph3,1882,872-316-10%
Financial Times4,1523,653-499-12%
The Independent1,9041,143-761-40%
The Times2,9242,561-363-12%
Total 651,701605,359-46,342-7%