Newspaper Revenues and other numbers!

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Here’s an interesting take on the circulation numbers. The ABC certificates split out the sales of each title on a Monday to Friday basis and then single out their Saturday sales (obviously just for the mornings).

In the mornings it allows you to see uplift, if any, of a titles Saturday edition and overall it allows you to see how much revenue is being generated by the title. All the revenues are what would be generated ‘at the till’ and the figures are hard copy sales, old Skool!

The numbers below are all based on November 2017 certificates and bulks have been excluded as they derive little or no revenue to the publishers.

Some points of note:

The most expensive paper on the newsstands is the Saturday edition of the Financial Times at €3.90.

The Daily Star extracts the highest revenue of any title here at €18.6m per annum. The biggest Sunday is the Sunday Times at €10.8m.

In the daily market the paper that gets the biggest uplift for their Saturday edition is The Guardian who see a near fourfold increase on their Monday to Friday edition sales. The FT nearly double they Saturday sale in comparison to the weekly edition and The Telegraph put on an extra 50% .

The Guardian is the paper that charges the highest premium for their Saturday product asking an extra 40% on the weekly cover price. The Telegraph add an extra 35% and the FT an extra 30%.

TitleM-FSatAnnual €
Daily Mirror29,207€1.2039,310€1.30€11,769,940
Irish Daily Star39,884€1.4053,045€1.50€18,655,286
The Sun46,219€1.0083,125€1.00€16,339,440
Daily Express2,257€0.802,798€1.00€614,952
Irish Daily Mail33,960€1.4034,105€1.60€15,198,976
The Daily Telegraph1,561€2.003,938€2.70€1,364,615
Financial Times1,693€3.004,944€3.90€2,323,183
The Guardian1,267€2.505,821€3.50€1,882,972
The Times3,688€1.005,601€1.00€1,250,132
Daily Star – Sunday14,008€1.00€728,416
The Sun/NotW50,295€1.00€2,615,340
Sunday Mail745€1.60€61,984
Sunday Mirror21,180€1.80€1,982,448
The People8,122€1.80€760,219
Sunday Express2,688€1.50€209,664
Sunday Post407€2.20€46,561
The Mail on Sunday59,266€2.80€8,629,130
The Observer4,113€3.80€812,729
The Sunday Telegraph1,585€2.50€206,050
The Sunday Times69,716€3.00€10,875,696