Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2014

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“Ta-da” – the cosmetic adverts catchphrase. I use it mockingly as it heralds the publication, finally, of the ABC’s of the reaming newspapers in the market. Plenty of cosmetics would be needed to make these figures even vaguely attractive.

The total market contacted by 7% over a twelve month period. The market is still 204m newspapers a year, but falling at 7% per annum isn’t a sustainable business model. The morning market is falling faster than the Sunday market and you can have as many hypothesis on that as you like. 

MarketJJ 2014JJ 2013Diff ‘000Diff %
Total Sunday780,613834,374-53,761-6%
Total Morning463,163495,991-32,828-7%
Total Evening63,60073,942-10,342-14%
Total Market1,307,3761,405,818-98,441-7%

The two graphs below illustrate the fortunes of each segment. But the last graph shows the rate of decline in each market.

over 2014

I’ve superimposed out GDP growth/decline over the same period to further illustrate that at one point the fortunes of the economy and the newspaper market were intrinsically linked it would seem. Now there would seem to have been an uncoupling of this bond – for the worse.    

rate change 2014


The table below shows the titles (with a circulation above 20,000) in comparison to last year. Its ranked in percentage terms (the table is sortable – just click on the column heading you want to sort)     

PublicationJJ 2014JJ 2013Diff ‘000Diff %
Evening Herald  51,60058,545-6,945-11.86%
Sunday Business Post34,01238,293-4,281-11.18%
Irish Sunday Mirror35,46739,186-3,719-9.49%
Irish Daily Star60,99866,773-5,775-8.65%
Daily Mirror50,26354,550-4,287-7.86%
Irish Independent112,383121,120-8,737-7.21%
The Sun60,71165,263-4,552-6.97%
Sunday Times91,84198,328-6,487-6.60%
Sunday World198,260211,161-12,901-6.11%
Mail on Sunday100,082105,913-5,831-5.51%
Sunday Independent  220,565232,494-11,929-5.13%
Irish Times80,33284,201-3,869-4.59%
The Sun (Sunday)55,41757,618-2,201-3.82%
Irish Daily Mail50,50351,675-1,172-2.27%