Irish Newspaper Circulation April 22

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With only five papers reporting in the morning and the same quantity in the Sunday, I’d strongly suggest that the ABC metric is on its last legs. It doesn’t really give any indication as to what’s really happening in the market – but if the drops shown here are anything to go by, it’s not good.

TitleApr-22Mar-22Mar-21M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror20,50721,32123,607-814-3,100-4%-13%
Daily Record
Irish Daily Star27,74330,59534,079-2,852-6,336-9%-19%
The Sun
Daily Express1,4481,4141,48734-392%-3%
Irish Daily Mail19,75219,41122,732341-2,9802%-13%
Financial Times1,6891,6841,7825-930%-5%
Daily Star - Sunday6,4056,2325,9011735043%9%
Sun on Sunday
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror15,68415,39517,844289-2,1602%-12%
The People5,2365,2465,913-10-6770%-11%
Sunday Express2,0641,7641,67430039017%23%
Sunday Post
The Mail on Sunday45,36245,03252,382330-7,0201%-13%

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