ABC Newspaper Circulation July December 2014

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The bi-annual speculation begins in earnest today about the ‘future of print’ with the eventual release of the last of the six-month figures for the Irish Newspapers, today covering July to December 2014.

Taking and over view first: over the twelve months the overall market has declined by a further 7%. And both the Sunday and morning market have also fallen by 7%. There’s nothing at all positive in the overall figures with the rate of change in the declines beginning to slide in the wrong direction after stabilising of a few periods albeit still in negative territory.

Market JD 2014 JD 2013 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Total Sunday 756,118 810,896 -54,778 -7%
Total Morning 445,956 480,585 -34,630 -7%
Total Evening 62,623 70,276 -7,653 -11%
Total Market 1,264,697 1,361,757 -97,060 -7%

overall JD2014


rate jd2014

There a more detailed breakdown in other articles here.