ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation August 2019

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After the relative excitement of last months abandonment of the ABC’s by IN&M, the August monthly figures are a bit of a damp squib.
However, August always brings one certainty – a short-lived revival of the tabloid market on the back of the UK soccer season kicking into life again. Collectively the red tops added 4% month on month or short of 5,000. In comparison to August of 2018, it’s an improvement in both actual numbers and percentage (4,200 and 3%).

The Sun on Sunday was also a benefactor of the soccer season adding 2,000. The Sunday Times had a decent month adding 2,500 or 4% and with no meeting in the bulks department.

Market up by 3% month on month and down 11% on the year.

TitleAug-19Jul-19Aug-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror27,85425,62630,2192,228-2,3659%-8%
Daily Record3112963071545%1%
Irish Daily Star40,35039,39946,559951-6,2092%-13%
The Sun47,98946,41254,3031,577-6,3143%-12%
Daily Express2,0801,9692,443111-3636%-15%
Irish Daily Mail27,26226,89532,068367-4,8061%-15%
Daily Telegraph1,8541,8342,07420-2201%-11%
Financial Times2,0652,0832,113-18-48-1%-2%
The Guardian2,0891,9972,07792125%1%
The Times3,1233,0216,955102-3,8323%-55%
Morning Market154,977149,532179,1185,445-24,1414%-13%
Daily Star - Sunday10,03010,36813,780-338-3,750-3%-27%
Sun on Sunday45,05143,10650,5301,945-5,4795%-11%
Sunday Mail814675825139-1121%-1%
Sunday Mirror19,83219,77620,64256-8100%-4%
The People7,3277,0417,596286-2694%-4%
Sunday Express2,5752,6092,874-34-299-1%-10%
Sunday Post3043013453-411%-12%
Mail on Sunday54,89955,55758,802-658-3,903-1%-7%
The Observer4,2514,1474,281104-303%-1%
Sunday Telegraph1,5371,4741,66463-1274%-8%
Sunday Times67,11264,60471,8352,508-4,7234%-7%
Sunday Market213,732209,658233,1744,074-19,4422%-8%
Total Market368,709359,190412,2929,519-43,5833%-11%