JNRS 2010

Released today, the JNRS for the period July – June 2010 show that readership of morning titles is down 86,000 compared to the same period 12 months prior and, conversely, the Sunday market in up 57k. The shift in the two markets could show a change of buying habits. Many may be abandoning the daily read in favour of reading a paper only on a Sunday.     The survey showed that 56% of the population read

Times OnLine Paywall

The Times stuck a paywall around their content yesterday 15th June. There will be huge interest in this paywall concept from a variety of sources: The News International Counting Dept (aka Finance). The bean counters and shareholders will be holding their breath the see what the up take will be and how the ‘markets’ react. They will have to make some sort of shareholders statement as to the uptake one would suggest as they opted

Newspaper Readership Figures JNRS 2009

Hot on the back of the circulation figures come the 2009 JNRS Readership Figures. Belying the some of the myths – 87% of the Irish Adult population still read a paper every day (that’s a physical one for any cynics). The largest read paper in Ireland is The Sunday Independent with a reach just short of 30%. A huge number when you consider that across the pond in the UK the reach of the highest

Regional Newspaper Circulation July Dec 2009

This is a bit text heavy – but struggle on!  Without going through each title line by line the topline data can be summarised as follows:    Papers no longer having a figure for July Dec 2009 are not necessarily defunct, many have opted out of the ABC audit for their own individual reasons.    In July/Dec 2009 four publications have joined the audit and four opted out. Like for like sales show that they are down

Irish Readership Figures 2009

And finally…. something positive on the print front.  The JNRR (Joint National Readership Research) was released and it showed that, contrary to all the signs at the news stand, readership of newspapers went up year on year. It covered the period July 2008 to June 2009 (and a comparison is drawn from the same period twelve months earlier). Readership of any newspaper, morning, evening, Sunday, or weekly was marginally up year on year with the

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations 2009

The morning market is down 4% or 28,000 copies with the Irish Independent and half sibling, The Irish Daily Star, accounting for a good deal of that. In general the year has not been good to the ‘red tops’ with that segment back nearly 10,000 copies year on year. The Red Top market in 2005 was 305,000 copies per day and commanded a 45% share of the morning market. It’s now back to 264,000 a

Directory Advertising for Small Businesses

If you are looking at taking an ad in a directory then there are a few points you should consider before entering that process. First things first and a point that is overlooked: this type of advertising is ‘directional’, it’s needs driven. When someone picks up a directory there is a very high probability that they have made a decision to make a purchase. A directory is going to help them make a choice between

Irish Newspaper Readership

The JNRS survey hit the streets and made for some fairly depressing reading in some quarters. Overall readership of newspapers was down only marginally with the morning titles gaining slightly. Notably it’s the first time that the full figures of the Free newspapers came into the survey.  It shows that, after two and a half years, they have a decent readership in the morning and perhaps a slight issue with loyalty to any particular title