JNLR 2015Q3 Cork Listenership

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Red FM have firmly established themselves as the number one station in Cork now at 125,000 or 30% of the population. This is a complete reversal of fortunes since the survey twelve months ago which saw them 46,000 behind 96FM. While the yearly figures are dramatic, with RedFM and Newstalk gaining 42% and 33% respectively, the book on book numbers are a little more subdued with only minimal changes in the past three months. Red FM added another 2,000 and 96FM dropped 1,000 in the three months. The only large change in the survey was RTE1 dropping 6,000 or 7%.

 2015Q32014Q32015Q2000% Reach000% Reach
Red FM12530%8821%12330%379%20%
96 FM11428%13432%11528%-20-4%-10%
Radio 18522%8821%9122%-31%-60%
Today FM5012%5714%4912%-7-2%10%
4 FM4210%359%4310%71%-10%
Lyric FM174%184%154%-10%20%

cork 000

C103 15Q314Q3+/-% +/-
06.00-10.00Colum McGrath2933-4-12%
10.00-13.00Patricia Messenger3941-2-5%
06.00-09.00Nick Richards5054-4-7%
09.00-12.00PJ Coogan7186-15-17%
12.00-16.00Ken Tobin5869-11-16%
06.00-09.00The KC Show39241563%
09.00-12.00Neil Prendeville64382668%
12.00-16.00Philip Bourke56391744%

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