Sunday Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2014

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The market fell by -6% or 53,000 in twelve months. The Sunday Independent dropped 12,000 over the twelve months to 220,000. The Sunday world lost 13,000 which drops it back to below 200,000 to 198,000. The Sunday Business Post, despite a new look, lost 11% to rest at 34,000.  

The Daily Star on Sunday does nothing in the market here and is beginning to reap what is it has sown with an 11% decline year on year. The People outperformed that and dropped 16% of its sales in the year. At head office a decision has been made that the Sunday mirror and Peoples’ editorial is to be merged and might signal the beginning of the end for the title

The Sun (Sunday) dropped 4% – which is better than the market decrease – they lost 2,200 on the year. The Sunday Mirror lost 9% or 3,700 and the collective tabloids fell by 8% on the year.

The Mail on Sunday fell back 6% or 6,000 copies and now hovers just over 100,000. The Sunday Times fell back 7% or 6,400 copies and hasn’t managed to arrest the decline, as like many others in the Sunday Market, in recent months.

PublicationJJ 2014JJ 2013Diff ‘000Diff %
Sunday Independent  220,565232,494-11,929-5.1%
Sunday World198,260211,161-12,901-6.1%
Sunday Business Post34,01238,293-4,281-11.2%
Daily Star Sunday 19,87722,420-2,543-11.3%
The Sun (Sunday)55,41757,618-2,201-3.8%
Irish Sunday Mirror35,46739,186-3,719-9.5%
The People13,75916,323-2,564-15.7%
(Total Tab)124,520135,547-11,027-8.1%
Sunday Express3,4863,496-10-0.3%
Mail on Sunday100,082105,913-5,831-5.5%
Independent.on Sunday    
The Observer5,3195,824-505-8.7%
Sunday Telegraph2,5282,711-183-6.8%
Sunday Times91,84198,328-6,487-6.6%
Total Sunday780,613833,767-53,154-6.4%