JNRS 2012/11

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It’s sometimes very difficult to reconcile the two public numeric’s of Newspapers; circulation data and readership data. The newspapers are very much on a downward trajectory in the circulation theatre, but the recently released JNRS data in many cases tell a very different story.

In the mornings, the Independent and the Times lost 7% and 11% respectively whilst the tabloids made great strides – unlike the data in their circulation figures.  The Daily Mail made the biggest gains in the morning market.

The Sunday Independent is still the biggest read paper in Ireland, followed by the Sunday World and they reach nearly a quarter of the republics population ever Sunday. Naturally enough the Sunday Mirror made the biggest gains on the back of the News of the World closure. The Sunday Times fell back by 8%, the biggest fall in the Sunday market.

Daily Titles 2012/11‘000% ‘0002%3+/-‘000+/-%
Irish Independent46512.90% 50013.90%-35-7.00%
The Irish Times2878.00% 3249.00%-37-11.42%
Irish Examiner1694.70% 1694.70%00.00%
Irish Daily Star3489.60% 32710.40%216.42%
Irish Daily Mirror2085.80% 2075.80%10.48%
Irish Sun2978.20% 2767.70%217.61%
Irish Daily Mail1594.40% 1413.90%1812.77%
Evening Herald2236.20% 2356.50%-12-5.11%
Sunday Independent91425.30% 97127.10%-57-5.87%
Sunday World80222.20% 80722.50%-5-0.62%
Sunday Business Post1624.50% 1644.60%-2-1.22%
The Sunday Times36710.20% 40011.10%-33-8.25%
News of the World   53915.00%  
Irish Sunday Mirror1955.40% 1594.40%3622.64%
Irish Mail on Sunday3459.60% 3309.20%154.55%
Irish Farmers Journal2376.60% 2276.30%104.41%

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