JNLR 2016Q4 Dublin Listenership

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Overall Dublin listenership now stands at 76% or 795,000 people every day. This is down one percentage point on the previous book and four percentage points on the previous year.

It’s the sixth successive fall in the Dublin market with no sign of a letup. The graphic below gives a good visual representation of what’s been happening over the past few books.

Like the national scene, the market is dominated by RTE1 with a 28% reach and 299,000 listeners every day. That’s down 2% on the previous year and up marginally on the last book.

Table: Dublin Reach

 Latest Book on Book Year on Year
 2016Q4 2016Q3 +/-+/-Ch 2015Q4 +/-+/-Ch
Any Radio79576% 80077% -5-1%-1% 82380% -28-4%-3%
RTE Radio 129928% 29728% 20%1% 31230% -13-2%-4%
FM 10416916% 17417% -5-1%-3% 18618% -17-2%-9%
Newstalk14914% 14414% 50%3% 16516% -16-2%-10%
Spin 103812512% 13313% -8-1%-6% 14914% -24-2%-16%
98FM11311% 11811% -50%-4% 10310% 101%10%
Q102777% 727% 50%7% 737% 40%5%
Today FM707% 707% 00%0% 909% -20-2%-22%
RTE Lyric FM575% 575% 00%0% 565% 10%2%
Radio Nova515% 515% 00%0% 586% -7-1%-12%
RTE 2FM515% 515% 00%0% 697%  -2%-26%
Sunshine 106.8515% 555% -40%-7% 565% -50%-9%
4FM222% 293% -7-1%-24% 363% -14-1%-39%

Newstalk is in the third slot at 149,000 up marginally on the last book but down 10% on the previous year. Spin have had the biggest year on year fall of all the stations down 24,000 (16%) and book on book they are down 8,000 (6%) to land at 125,000. 98FM, Sunshine and FM104 all fell foul of the book recording falls on the previous quarter with only Q102 and Newstalk adding to their numbers.

98FM lost 5,000 on the last book but are still up 10,000 on the previous year. Q102 added 4,000 on the year to reach 77,000 and adding 5,000 or 7% on the last book.

Today have struggled in the metropolis and are now reaching 70,000 which is down 20,000 (22%) on last year and they are stationary on the previous book.

Graphic: Dublin Reach

dub overall

The long term trend for Dublin listenership is downward and gained some acceleration since 15Q3. 

Graphic: Station Reach:

The graphics give a good snapshot as to what’s happening over the long term. You can see above the way RTE are edging ahead whereas FM104, Newstalk and Spin had all curved downwards on the last few surveys.

reach a

At the smaller end of the market some of the movements are much more pronounced most notably Today FM, 2FM and Classic Hits.

Graphic: Station Reach:

reach b

In terms of the Dublin top 20, there’s been a bit of a coup! Marion’s crown has been toppled by Morning Ireland to take the top slot and to add insult to injury, Sean O’Rourke has just nicked the third spot from her second programme – by dropping less that her fall it has to be said. But a win is a win!

Dublin Top 20

RTE 1 W/DMorning Ireland07.00-09.00158158169-110
RTE 1 SatMarian Finucane11.00-13.00152161169-17-9
RTE 1 W/DSean O’Rourke10.00-12.00133137146-13-4
RTE 1 SunMarian Finucane11.00-13.00131143147-16-12
RTE 1 SatThe Business10.00-11.001251291232-4
RTE 1 W/DRyan Tubridy09.00-10.0012512012505
RTE 1 W/DLiveline13.45-15.00119124125-6-5
RTE 1 SatPlayback09.00-10.00106103114-83
RTE 1 SunSunday Miscellany09.00-10.0010510382232
RTE 1 W/DNews At One13.00-13.45105111124-19-6
RTE 1 SunMiriam O’Callaghan10.00-11.009399112-19-6
RTE 1 W/DRonan Collins12.00-13.00868996-10-3
RTE 1 W/DDrivetime16.30-19.00808391-11-3
RTE 1 SunThis Week13.00-14.007985111-32-6
FM104 W/DThe 10-3 Show10.00-15.00778287-10-5
RTE 1 SatClaire Byrne13.00-14.007686109-33-10
Newstalk W/DPat Kenny09.00-12.00706557135
FM104 W/DStrawberry Alarm06.00-10.00697282-13-3
FM104 W/DThe Jam15.00-19.0068646714
Spin W/DSteve K14.45-18.45677286-19-5

Station Programmes – Dublin

RTE 107.00-09.00Morning Ireland1581581690-11
RTE 109.00-10.00Tubridy12512012550
RTE 110.00-12.00Sean O’Rourke133137146-4-13
RTE 112.00-13.00Ronan Collins868996-3-10
RTE 113.00-13.45News at One105111124-6-19
RTE 113.45-15.00Liveline119124125-5-6
RTE 115.00-16.30Ray D’Arcy626572-3-10
RTE 116.30-19.00Drivetime808391-3-11
2FM06.00-10.00Breakfast Republic3029381-8
2FM10.00-13.00Nicky Byrne2222300-8
2FM13.00-16.00Tracy Clifford1414180-4
2FM16.00-19.00Eoghan Mc Dermot121318-1-6
2FM19.00-20.00Game On21111
Today07.00-09.00Ian Dempsey323542-3-10
Today09.00-12.00Anton Savage2423391-15
Today12.00-14.30Dermot and Dave1413191-5
Today14.30-16.30Fergal D’Arcy1514171-2
Today16.30-19.00Matt Cooper232528-2-5
Newstalk09.00-12.00Pat Kenny Show7065575 
Newstalk12.00-14.00High Noon*404335-3 
Newstalk16.00-19.00Newstalk Drive*4747580 
FM10410.00-15.00The 10-3 Show778287-5-10
FM10415.00-19.00The Jam68646741
FM10419.00-21.00The Takeover101114-1-4
FM10421.00-01.00FM104 Phoneshow182030-2-12
98FM07.00-10.00Big Breakfast404136-14
98FM10.00-12.00Dublin Talks384034-24
98FM12.00-16.00Barry Dunne475048-3-1
98FM16.00-19.00The Big Ride Home33332904
98FM19.00-22.00The Fix1061040
Q10206.00-10.00Dave Harrington322721511
Q10210.00-14.00Liam Coburn3431363-2
Q10214.00-17.00Aidan Cooney3230392-7
Q10217.00-19.00Drive @523232102
Q10219.00-00.00The Love Zone11111100
Spin FM06.45-09.45Fully Charged414649-5-8
Spin FM09.45-12.45Spin Hits323335-1-3
Spin FM12.45-14.45Spin Talk343641-2-7
Spin FM14.45-18.45Steve K677286-5-19
Spin FM18.45-21.00The Zoo Crew2625311-5
Spin FM21.00-00.00Total Request Live1010160-6

*A few of the programme time slots have changed and are therefore are not directly comparable year on year. They are comparable on a book on book basis

It’s worth looking at the absolute dominance of RTE1 in the Dublin market. Looking beyond that, the Newstalk line is interesting where it dominates the other stations in the early part of the day, until around midday, and then it falls behind FM104 and 98FM by 1:00pm.

quarter dublin

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