January 2016 ABC Newspaper Circulation

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The first numbers of 2016: I’m going to be brief as the six month ABC’s have robbed most of the time.

Mornings: Irish Daily star down over 1,500 as The Daily Mail adds some 4,300 to its number. Sundays: The Sun and the Mirror rebounded after the Christmas lull in sales. The Mail on Sunday lost 4,500 and the Sunday Times put on over 3,000 to bring them back over 80K

TitleJan-16Jan-15Dec-15Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 38,76546,23538,607-7,470158-16%
Daily Record263293254-309-10%
Irish Daily Star52,93057,51554,498-4,585-1,568-8%
The Sun55,76758,61155,324-2,844443-5%
Daily Express2,3672,6752,405-308-38-12%
Irish Daily Mail50,22449,16345,9221,0614,3022%
The Daily Telegraph2,4752,6832,493-208-18-8%
Financial Times2,2852,4192,252-13433-6%
The Guardian2,3422,7652,404-423-62-15%
The Times2,4952,2802,465215309%
Morning Market209,913224,639206,624-14,7263,289-7%
Daily Star – Sunday14,46517,38415,496-2,919-1,031-17%
The Sun/NotW54,21153,25651,7389552,4732%
Sunday Mail803787667161362%
Sunday Mirror29,25433,57027,964-4,3161,290-13%
The People10,08411,44010,587-1,356-503-12%
Sunday Express3,0633,1032,989-4074-1%
Sunday Post833482849351-1673%
The Mail on Sunday83,66090,00088,229-6,340-4,569-7%
The Observer4,49890,0004,584-431-86-9%
The Sunday Telegraph2,1272,1702,059-4368-2%
The Sunday Times80,85488,07277,714-7,2183,140-8%
Sunday   Market283,8524,929282,876-21,341976-7%
Total Market493,76588,072489,500-36,0674,265-7%