Irish Regional Circulations July Dec 2011

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A much depleted field than in normal years, with only twenty-five papers opting to produce an audited figure. Last Thursday IN&M announced that although their regional titles had been audited, they would not be auditing their twelve regional papers from here on in. Seemingly the ABC audit figures “did not resonate with local advertisers”. What data instead they hope would “resonate with the advertisers” is a mystery.

It’s worth looking back at the fortunes of some of the papers over that past five years. The Leinster Leader and the Munster Express are two paper that jump out halving their circulation over that period. One paper managed to stay in positive territory and that was the Donegal News Monday edition gaining 6% over the five years.

Year on Year, the Tallagh Echo stayed the right side of zero managing a small gain as did the Roscommon Herald.

Looking at the figures for the on a like for like basis, the papers who produced their ABC’s were down 8% on the year and 34% over the five.  

Paper2011201020092008200711 v 1011 v 0711 v 10 %11 v 07 %
Clare Champion15,74216,69117,96919,04619,539-949-3,797-6%-24%
Connacht Sentinel4,8725,2415,3495,757-369-885-8%-18%
Connacht Tribune20,70221,86023,27924,598-1,158-3,896-6%-19%
Donegal Democrat (Thurs)9,19110,38511,12012,21713,060-1,194-3,869-13%-42%
Donegal Democrat (Tues)6,6187,6508,0098,4679,580-1,032-2,962-16%-45%
Donegal News Friday11,18611,43611,46511,78612,091-250-905-2%-8%
Donegal News Monday4,0444,1323,8333,8743,734-88310-2%8%
Inish Times4,8735,2695,3995,9426,224-396-1,351-8%-28%
Kilkenny People11,53612,98314,45815,21716,113-1,447-4,577-13%-40%
Leinster & Offaly Express11,07012,54914,13115,19015,318-1,479-4,248-13%-38%
Leinster Leader6,4977,4829,23810,77512,100-985-5,603-15%-86%
Leitrim Observer6,8937,4878,0388,0138,386-594-1,493-9%-22%
Limerick Leader (Weekend)14,85116,53517,92120,71421,619-1,684-6,768-11%-46%
Longford Leader7,6848,2608,5278,8289,485-576-1,801-8%-23%
Meath Chronicle10,86212,17112,70414,65116,010-1,309-5,148-12%-47%
Munster Express5,3896,2867,5209,32910,849-897-5,460-17%-101%
Nationalist & Munster Ad9,38211,08712,06313,32814,106-1,705-4,724-18%-50%
Nenagh Guardian6,9287,3647,8178,0518,134-436-1,206-6%-17%
Roscommon Herald8,6718,6638,4108,7379,1858-5140%-6%
The Anglo Celt12,31012,88513,30513,78314,713-575-2,403-5%-20%
The Echo (Tallaght )7,2107,1257,8299,74185-2,5311%-35%
The Tuam Herald8,4828,8839,2159,4199,514-401-1,032-5%-12%
Tipperary Star7,1157,8988,3359,1049,223-783-2,108-11%-30%
Western People14,16615,06216,27118,24219,289-896-5,123-6%-36%
Westmeath Examiner5,7996,1837,0108,5199,273-384-3,474-7%-60%
Total (like for like)199,289217,341232,758253,232267,545-18,052-68,256-8%-34%