Irish Newspaper Circulations January 2011

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The first month of the year and we see a little mistake on a other than unblemished tome.

The people at the Mail, who “passed off” as another paper last weekend have no ABC certificate this month. The ABC’s extremely efficient PR agency in Blighty said:

The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday circulation data for January 2011 has not been submitted in time for inclusion in this report. Once the data has been received the report will be updated and re-issued.

Perhaps that’s why also last week they had a particularly gushing piece on page 2 of the pass-off about how fantastic their figures were for January and how they where the only paper growing in this market etc etc etc. Anyway did all the self congratulation made them take their eye off the balls and forget about the business? To quote a particularly apt line from Quentin Crisp:

“The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the glowing opinion we have of ourselves with the appalling things that other people think about us”


There was no point in doing a comparison to December and last month and the one previous are particularly strange and its best not to draw too much of a comparison. Year on Year yields some interesting facts.

The demise of the Daily Star on Sunday would have been greatly spurred on by the first (and last) weeks sale at just shy of 36,000. This is down 21,000 from it’s figure twelve months previous.  

It’s daily paper, the Irish Daily Star is down 4,600 as is its rival The sun. Meanwhile The Mirror gained just shy of 5,000 copies over the year.

The Sunday Times can’t seem to shake off the low 100’s and actually only once since May 2010 did they peek over the 110,000 wall. The News of the World still isn’t seeing returns on its investment and heavy marketing spend wit a figure of 122,000.

We’ll wait until the Mail grace us with a certificate (if they are not too busy passing off as other titles this Sunday). In the meantime is a sobering fact that Leaving aside the Mail figures – the combined total of all the papers is down 96,000 year on year and, more frighteningly it’s down 146,000 on 2008.   

Title       Jan-10      Jan-09           +/-
Daily Mirror 63,851 59,378 4,473
Daily Record 687 872 -185
Irish Daily Star 90,331 94,957 -4,626
The Sun 82,555 86,872 -4,317

Daily Express 2,818 3,077 -259
Irish Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph 2,961 2,896 65
Financial Times 3,628 3,487 141
The Guardian 3,933 3,983 -50
The Independent 948 1,195 -247
The Times 2,221 2,478 -257
Morning Market

Daily Star – Sunday 35,740 56,570 -20,830
News of the World 122,127 126,482 -4,355
Sunday Mail 1,413 2,633 -1,220
Sunday Mirror 39,714 36,974 2,740
The People 20,324 21,798 -1,474

Sunday Express 3,688 3,928 -240
Sunday Post 747 795 -48
The Mail on Sunday

Independent on Sunday 1,156 1,858 -702
The Observer 7,559 8,847 -1,288
The Sunday Telegraph 2,692 2,511 181
The Sunday Times 107,513 115,118 -7,605
Sunday  Market

Racing Post 5,729 5,990 -261
Total Market