Irish Newspaper Circulation November 2009

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We had 15 fallers and 10 climbers this month, the fallers in the Sunday department in the main. The Sundays are back 12,000 which, in comparison to other months, it’s a hefty fall.

The biggest faller was the News of the World, followed by its companions The Sun and the News of the World. Not insignificant in this figure would be that fact that Dunnes Stores decided during last month that it didn’t like the terms and conditions set by News Int and stopped stocking the three papers. You would have to suggest that the decreases in the three titles are related to this move by Dunnes. The Sunday Times lost 3,000 copies and is down to a year low. The Sun dipped into the 80’s, a parish it hasn’t visited since the late 90’s. The News of the World is down a good 8,000, bringing it into territory not visited in over a decade.

Some of the ‘indigenous’ print businesses have, all too often, used the expression ‘foreign newspapers’ aimed at particular titles in the market. Is it to, in some way, distance themselves from them or make themselves more appealing to the Irish newspapers populous? These much maligned titles employ a huge number of people here and contribute in terms of VAT and Corporation tax.

With Dunnes refusing to stock the titles coupled with the fact that Dunnes Newspaper buyers seemingly did not go elsewhere for the titles means that almost €1.5m has taken flight for the newspaper business. At a time when the industry is at it weakest in decades, decisions in that glass palace in Stephen Street are having very negative effect on the business. “Better because we’re Irish” is the Dunnes advertising sting– better then if you supported Irish Businesses and safeguarded their jobs perhaps. Any other Business: well, some of the papers still strewn around the shelves of Dunnes obviously made hay.

The Daily and Sunday Star got a lift, more particularly the Sunday. The Record and Sunday Mail obviously didn’t issue an A.P.B. on their ‘missing’ copies and they are still at large. The prediction for the December figures – The People will break through the 20’s barrier!

Title Oct Nov
Daily Mirror 62,876 60,381
Daily Record 833 793
Irish Daily Star 97,113 97,506
The Sun 90,274 88,657
Daily Express 3,113 3,116
Irish Daily Mail 48,177 50,501
The Daily Telegraph 2,971 2,782
Financial Times 3,812 3,855
The Guardian 4,097 4,050
The Independent 1,142 1,192
The Times 2,629 2,545
Morning Market 317,037 315,378
Daily Star – Sunday 54,574 61,379
News of the World 134,782 126,497
Sunday Mail 2,307 2,084
Sunday Mirror 38,481 35,218
The People 21,349 20,293
Sunday Express 4,434 4,240
Sunday Post 829 803
The Mail on Sunday 126,221 122,701
Independent on Sunday 1,512 1,624
The Observer 9,189 9,405
The Sunday Telegraph 2,520 2,414
The Sunday Times 116,923 113,660
Racing Post 6,686 7,065
Sunday Market 519,807 507,383
Total Market 836,844 822,761