Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2009

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The last month of the year shows no improvements. The Redtops had a bit of a disaster – possibly down to poor distribution due to the adverse weather and also as a huge amount sporting events were cancelled – a big draw for their readers. The Daily Star was back over 5,000 month on month and The Sun back by 3,600. The latter is most likely still suffering from the vagaries of the Glass Palace in Stephens Street (AKA Dunnes Stores) where they stamped their feet and demanded their own T+C’s. When News International declined their offer, the Glass Palace and her cohorts locked all of their titles out of all their stores. They are suffering – more so in the Sunday market where they have two titles News Of the World (-5,938) and The Sunday Times (-7,044). Every Cloud….It seemingly saved the neck of The Sunday People who were making great strides to break through the 20’s mark and into their teens. But possible substitution at the newsstand in the aforementioned chain saw them actually gain 800 copies. The Morning Market dropped 12,000 copies, month on month. Bad Weather,  seasonal factors and general apathy were the factors there, the same ones that struck the Sunday Market which declined a massive 41,000 in the month – their single largest month on month decline . The Sunday Star accounted for nearly 22% of that decline knocking 9,078 off their numbers. The Mail on Sunday threw a few Euros in the promotions pot and still didn’t see the returns – they were down 9,480 – the biggest drop in the Sunday Market. The Sunday Mirror bagged 3,300 copies most likely from the Sunday Daily Star. Notably the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail still haven’t found the copies that went ‘missing’ mid year!

Title Nov Dec
Daily Mirror 60,381 59,857
Daily Record 793 912
Irish Daily Star 97,506 92,211
The Sun 88,657 84,974
Daily Express 3,116 3,090
Irish Daily Mail 50,501 48,048
The Daily Telegraph 2,782 2,827
Financial Times 3,855 3,801
The Guardian 4,050 3,962
The Independent 1,192 1,200
The Times 2,545 2,530
Morning Market 315,378 303,412
Daily Star – Sunday 61,379 52,301
News of the World 126,497 120,559
Sunday Mail 2,084 787
Sunday Mirror 35,218 38,521
The People 20,293 21,140
Sunday Express 4,240 4,165
Sunday Post 803 798
The Mail on Sunday 122,701 113,221
Independent on Sunday 1,624 1,598
The Observer 9,405 8,749
The Sunday Telegraph 2,414 2,467
The Sunday Times 113,660 106,616
Racing Post 7,065 7,065
Sunday Market 507,383 477,987
Total Market 822,761 781,399