Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations July-December 2010

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Well, finally.

The fast paced world of print has finally decided to publish figures. We can now reveal that the sale of the Irish Times in July 2010 was 98,847 copies a day. So, if you ran a campaign with that publication or any of the other laggards (in terms of publishing meaningful audited figures) you will now be able to see why its was a success or failure – eight months later.

Publication July Dec 2010 July Dec 2009 Diff ’09/10 Diff %
Irish Independent 138,510 149,906 -11,396 -8%
Irish Times 102,543 106,926 -4,383 -4%
Examiner 46,011 49,096 -3,085 -6%
Daily Mirror 61,143 63,153 -2,010 -3%
Irish Daily Star 90,709 97,647 -6,938 -7%
The Sun 84,277 91,781 -7,504 -8%
Daily Express 3,371 3,386 -15 0%
Irish Daily Mail 49,389 49,090 299 1%
Daily Telegraph 2,984 3,027 -43 -1%
Financial Times 3,695 3,754 -59 -2%
Guardian 3,749 4,189 -440 -11%
The Independent 1,022 1,287 -265 -21%
The Times 2,539 2,773 -234 -8%
Total  589,942 626,015 -36,073 -6%

Overall, the market slipped quietly through the 600,000 barrier and now languishes at 589k or 6% down year on year.

The major casualty is the Irish Independent (II) which managed to loose 11,000 buyers every morning. Only once in the last decade have they managed to rid themselves of so many buyers (and that drop was due to a promotional spike the previous 12 months – the first books promotion). The other side to that tricky coin are the ‘bulks’. The amount of people who actively purchase the II every morning is now at 122,858 or 89%. The Irish Times sailed this time a little too closely to the rocky 100,000 mark. However, like many an Irish print vessel, its ballasts are buoyed this time out by the reliable bulks. Its actively purchased figure is 94,340 or 92% of its sale.

The Examiner dropped another 6% as they have managed to do so over the last few audit audits and now just above the 60 mark. The group has a lot going on at the moment and there’s persistent speculation that their sister paper the Sunday Business Post is ailing. 

The tabloids still maintain a 40% share in the morning market but collectively account for nearly half the overall reduction in morning sales. The retreat of the tiger has been particularly unkind to that sector with the biggest faller being The Sun followed by Irish Daily Star. 

The only paper with volume that manages to hang on to its sales was the Irish Daily Mail maintaining 49,000. 

Today, we’ll look through the … square window.

A graph to show how the latter end of the naughties have devastated the morning market. At its height in late 2007 it stood at 715,000 then down 125,000 in three years to 590,000.