Irish Evening Newspaper Circulation 2009

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Finally, the beleaguered evening market, down another 10,000 copies  or 9% year on year. How long these losses are sustainable is beyond me. The Herald is now under serious downward pressure and certainly not helped by the proposed merger of the Healed AM and Metro into the “Hetro”. It will be interesting as IN&M own all of the Herald and will own 1/3 of the new company/freesheet – decisions , decisions.

2008 2009 Diff Diff
Jan/June Jan/June ‘000 %
Evening Herald 79,447 71,187 -8,260 -10%
Echo 25,829 24,192 -1,637 -6%
Total Evening 105,276 95,379 -9,897 -9%

The Herald moving ever closer to the swinging sixties (swinging axe!) the Echo is in the roaring twenties. The evening market is a thesis in its own right and would make a great one at that. Consider these pearls for example. The total market is now the same as the circulation of the Evening Herald, alone, in 2002. The market has been in decline formore than two decades and is plummeting towards … extinction? The chart is worth broadening to showing the slope since 1990 and the demise of the Evening Press is unmistakable on the chart. total evening newspaper circulation 2009