Irish Newspaper Circulations 2009

The “Island Of Ireland” report was released today charting the path of Irish Newspapers since the beginning of the year and comparing them to the same period in 2008. No prizes for guessing the outcome. First off I will have a look at the market overall, which as you can see, has dropped nearly 100,000 […]

Sunday Newspaper Circulations 2009

In the Sunday segment one of the only papers in the report to grow its circulation was the Sunday Business Post, so congratulations to them. The rise can be attributed to a very strong start to the year, so perhaps an ‘r’ is good for a business newspaper. The Sunday Times also managed the bestgrowth […]

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations 2009

The morning market is down 4% or 28,000 copies with the Irish Independent and half sibling, The Irish Daily Star, accounting for a good deal of that. In general the year has not been good to the ‘red tops’ with that segment back nearly 10,000 copies year on year. The Red Top market in 2005 […]

Irish Evening Newspaper Circulation 2009

Finally, the beleaguered evening market, down another 10,000 copies  or 9% year on year. How long these losses are sustainable is beyond me. The Herald is now under serious downward pressure and certainly not helped by the proposed merger of the Healed AM and Metro into the “Hetro”. It will be interesting as IN&M own […]