Irish ABC Circulation August 2018

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August brought some much needed good news to the beleaguered newspaper market – a month on month increase in sales and the last time that occurred was August ’17. That’s actually no coincidence as August has always been kind to publishers.

This August there was a bevy of large events: the two All Ireland finals took place, whereas they were normally played in September. We had the Papal visit, but I suspect that was more in the arena of the visual media and, more importantly, the ‘foreign game’ returned (a phrase much used in GAA circles pre ’71!). All these aligned to boost the coffers of publishers and retailers alike.

Naturally the big winners in August were the tabloids, given their preoccupation with all things soccer, with the Irish Daily Star taking the bulk of the increase in sales. The Mirror also increased just over 1,000 and The Sun seemed to be unable to capitalise on all the extra activity increasing by 800 copies.

Even the lure of papal coins couldn’t save the Irish Mail on Sunday dipping by over 2,000. Conversely the Sunday Times had a better month (even with bulks saying at the same level as July) increasing 1,200.

You can fully expect the status quo to return in September with more red ink than black.

TitleAug-18Jun-18Aug-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror30,21929,05433,5591,165-3,3404%-10%
Daily Record3073023555-482%-14%
Irish Daily Star46,55944,42551,4822,134-4,9235%-10%
The Sun54,30353,44158,459862-4,1562%-7%
Daily Express2,4432,3842,55859-1152%-4%
Irish Daily Mail32,06830,20041,5261,868-9,4586%-23%
The Daily Telegraph2,0742,0412,20533-1312%-6%
Financial Times2,1132,1322,171-19-58-1%-3%
The Guardian2,0772,0162,26361-1863%-8%
The Times6,9556,99310,456-38-3,501-1%-33%
Morning Market179,118172,988205,0346,130-25,9164%-13%
Daily Star – Sunday13,78014,33115,904-551-2,124-4%-13%
The Sun on Sunday50,53050,27855,876252-5,3461%-10%
Sunday Mail825742772835311%7%
Sunday Mirror20,64220,96022,782-318-2,140-2%-9%
The People7,5967,8878,583-291-987-4%-11%
Sunday Express2,8742,5833,334291-46011%-14%
Sunday Post345363557-18-212-5%-38%
The Mail on Sunday58,80260,82279,551-2,020-20,749-3%-26%
The Observer4,2814,2174,72264-4412%-9%
Sunday Telegraph1,6641,6351,85129-1872%-10%
Sunday Times71,83570,56776,9751,268-5,1402%-7%
Sunday Market233,174234,385270,907-1,211-37,733-1%-14%
Total Market412,292407,373475,9414,919-63,6491%-13%