ABC Newspaper Circulations April 2013

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One paper managed to report a year on year gain – the “I” and that was eight copies other than that everyone else was in the red. Elsewhere there were some serious fallers. In the morning market The Daily Mirror lost 1,800 copies month on month. It can’t be put down to a post Cheltenham as the paper didn’t gain that much from Cheltenham in the first place and the April figure is below that of its sale even for February. Its stable mate, The Sunday Mirror, also lost over 1,000 copies.

They are not alone in the tabloid market with The Sun and Daily Star both loosing 1,700 month on month and close to 9,000 each year on year.

In the Sunday market the Mail on Sunday dropped 1,300 and the Sunday Times lost a serious 3,000 over the previous month and dropped out of the 100’s.
Outside that it’s fairly pedestrian: total market down 74,000 on the year and 13,000 on the month.

Daily Mirror 53,69457,61055,553-3,916-1,859
Daily Record499613470-11429
Irish Daily Star66,80475,72868,518-8,924-1,714
The Sun65,20373,75066,944-8,547-1,741
Daily Express2,8582,9622,739-104119
Irish Daily Mail50,91153,72953,198-2,818-2,287
The Daily Telegraph2,8952,9382,832-4363
Financial Times2,7583,1502,772-392-14
The Guardian3,0993,2783,030-17969
The Independent1,307
The Times2,1152,1872,058-7257
Morning Market251,643278,051259,360-26,408-7,717
Daily Star – Sunday22,06026,00622,326-3,946-266
The Sun/NotW57,60475,51257,745-17,908-141
Sunday Mail1,0501,1261,030-7620
Sunday Mirror37,55240,83738,576-3,285-1,024
The People16,69518,28415,832-1,589863
Sunday Express3,4224,0813,325-65997
Sunday Post602730620-128-18
The Mail on Sunday107,333108,563108,683-1,230-1,350
Independent on Sunday1,280-1,280
The Observer5,8776,4325,802-55575
The Sunday Telegraph2,5542,7822,765-228-211
The Sunday Times98,864108,748101,915-9,884-3,051
Sunday  Market353,613394,537358,619-40,924-5,006
Racing Post6,320
Total Market605,256678,908617,979-73,652-12,723