ABC Newspaper Circulation May 2021

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At the time of posting this, the Financial Times had not published a ABC cert

TitleMay-21Apr-21May-20M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror23,10323,50523,028-40275-2%0%
Daily Record
Irish Daily Star31,91132,96032,168-1,049-257-3%-1%
The SunNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Daily Express1,5671,6231,439-56128-4%9%
Irish Daily Mail21,87222,29023,023-418-1,151-2%-5%
Financial Times1,7301,7861,661-5669-3%4%
The Guardian1,6741,7171,866-43-192-2%-10%
The TimesNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Daily Star - Sunday7,8597,6418,550218-6913%-8%
Sun on SundayNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror17,92717,91419,11813-1,1910%-6%
The People6,4276,3417,12186-6941%-10%
Sunday Express2,0032,1052,147-102-144-5%-7%
Sunday Post
Mail on Sunday52,10453,03954,232-935-2,128-2%-4%
The Observer3,9494,2314,541-282-592-6%-13%
Sunday TimesNo CertNo CertNo Cert

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