ABC Newspaper Circulation June 2021

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ABC data for June 2021 have been released. You’ll see from the graphic below that the Sundays seem to have fared better in the past 18 months than the mornings. The trend is, in the main downward, but there have been glimpses of month on month increases.

TitleJun-21May-21Jun-20M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror22,57423,10323,514-529-940-2%-4%
Daily Record
Irish Daily Star31,50631,91133,158-405-1,652-1%-5%
The SunNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Daily Express1,6561,5671,510891466%10%
Irish Daily Mail21,62721,87223,152-245-1,525-1%-7%
Financial Times1,6541,7301,587-7667-5%4%
The Guardian1,6611,6741,788-13-127-1%-7%
The TimesNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Daily Star - Sunday7,5097,8598,687-350-1,178-4%-14%
Sun on SundayNo CertNo CertNo Cert
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror17,26717,92718,433-660-1,166-4%-6%
The People6,0246,4276,651-403-627-6%-9%
Sunday Express2,0962,0032,01093865%4%
Sunday Post
Mail on Sunday50,24752,10454,653-1,857-4,406-3%-8%
The Observer4,0183,9494,21469-1962%-5%
Sunday TimesNo CertNo CertNo Cert

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