ABC Newspaper Circulation January 2021

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It’s January ABC numbers and at this point, it’s a bit like Groundhog Day, which incidentally was celebrated this month. Looking at the best/worst performers is an exercise in futility as some of them are coming from a really small base in the first place – so we can safely skip that. Also, some of the metrics flatter to deceive as the comparative month is December which is normally a slack month, to begin with.

There were two certificates that I hadn’t notices before for the Daily Mail and Sunday Daily Mail digital editions. The specifics were light on detail but I assume it’s via their Android/Apple/Kindle apps. It shows that the Daily Mail has 1,479 digital subs and the Sunday has 1,567 per edition.

TitleJan-21Dec-20Jan-20M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YP.C.'000%
Daily Mirror23,60323,51725,81786-2,2140%-9%25,001-1,398-6%
Daily Record196214243-18-47-7%-19%244-48-24%
Irish Daily Star32,37132,36931,32521,0460%3%35,638-3,267-10%
The Sun
Daily Express1,4641,4751,995-11-531-1%-27%1,879-415-28%
Irish Daily Mail22,04622,24125,203-195-3,157-1%-13%25,299-3,253-15%
Financial Times1,7521,7522,2100-4580%-21%2,096-344-20%
The Guardian1,7821,8151,975-33-193-2%-10%1,52625614%
The Times
Daily Star - Sunday7,7287,3679,590361-1,8624%-19%9,088-1,360-18%
Sun on Sunday
Sunday Mail497523604-1070%-18%18,416-17,919-3605%
Sunday Mirror18,51317,69618,620817-1074%-1%18,416971%
The People6,4176,1916,609226-1923%-3%6,41430%
Sunday Express2,0171,8532,199164-1827%-8%2,324-307-15%
Sunday Post
Mail on Sunday51,83947,47155,0654,368-3,2268%-6%54,498-2,659-5%
The Observer4,5854,2173,9253686609%17%3,80877717%
Sunday Times

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