ABC Newspaper Circulation February 2021

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Again, very little happening on the ABC front for February 2021. There’s no sign on the ABC changing the ‘covid rules’ and still no sign of any numbers from News UK (which is their prerogative). It will be interesting as the vaccine rolls out in the UK – when will they decide that its ok to relax the rules.

TitleFeb-21Jan-21Feb-20M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YP.C.'000%
Daily Mirror23,00323,60325,001-600-1,998-2%-8%25,001-1,998-9%
Daily Record2011962445-432%-18%244-43-21%
Irish Daily Star32,29832,37135,638-73-3,3400%-9%35,638-3,340-10%
The Sun
Daily Express1,4301,4641,879-34-449-2%-24%1,879-449-31%
Irish Daily Mail22,14422,04625,29998-3,1550%-12%25,299-3,155-14%
Financial Times1,7611,7522,0969-3350%-16%2,096-335-19%
The Guardian1,6791,7821,526-103153-7%10%1,5261539%
The Times2,556
Daily Star - Sunday6,7157,7289,088-1,013-2,373-11%-26%9,088-2,373-35%
Sun on Sunday
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror18,40518,51318,416-108-11-1%0%18,416-110%
The People6,3266,4176,414-91-88-1%-1%6,414-88-1%
Sunday Express1,8422,0172,324-175-482-8%-21%2,324-482-26%
Sunday Post264
Mail on Sunday51,42951,83954,498-410-3,069-1%-6%54,498-3,069-6%
The Observer4,1564,5853,808-429348-11%9%3,8083488%
Sunday Times


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