ABC Newspaper Circulation December 2020

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December is never a good month for newspaper sales, but couple that with a lockdown and it spells disaster. Just to try and get some comparative metric I’ve totalled all the papers that are providing data and that will be compared to the previous month and year.
It shows that this group (aka all bar News UK) are down 3% on the month and 10% on the year, which is not surprising and the papers are down 10% on their pre-covid levels.

The papers really feeling the pain are Daily Star Sunday, both Express titles and the Financial Times with only the observer showing and increase on the year.

TitleDec-19Nov-20Dec-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YP.C.'000%
Daily Mirror23,51723,91725,289-400-1,772-2%-7%25,001-1,484-6%
Daily Record21420223512-215%-9%244-30-14%
Irish Daily Star32,36933,93536,132-1,566-3,763-4%-10%35,638-3,269-10%
The Sunn/an/a43,701n/a44,107
Daily Express1,4751,5571,716-82-241-5%-14%1,879-404-27%
Irish Daily Mail22,24122,48325,009-242-2,768-1%-11%25,299-3,058-14%
Financial Times1,7521,7342,12818-3761%-18%2,096-344-20%
The Guardian1,8151,8251,985-10-170-1%-9%1,52628916%
The Timesn/an/a2,679n/a2,556
Daily Star - Sunday7,3677,1819,555186-2,1882%-23%9,088-1,721-23%
Sun on Sundayn/an/a41,048n/a41,489
Sunday Mail523596
Sunday Mirror17,69618,21018,174-514-478-3%-3%18,416-720-4%
The People6,1916,7966,684-605-493-9%-7%6,414-223-4%
Sunday Express1,8531,5752,361278-50812%-22%2,324-471-25%
Sunday Post261
Mail on Sunday47,47149,93553,621-2,464-6,150-5%-11%54,498-7,027-15%
The Observer4,2174,7614,191-54426-13%1%3,80840910%
Sunday Timesn/an/a65,309n/a64,376

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