ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation September 2019

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As I suspected last month, the fickle nature of the sports reader kicked in this month with the three morning tabloids falling nearly 5,000 collectively. The lure of the start of the soccer season was short-lived – shorter even than the tenure of Ole Gunnar Solskjær in the premier league.

The Sun took the biggest hit dropping 2,000 on August or 4% on the month while the Mirror fell 1,500 and the Daily Star was back 1,000.

In the Sundays, there was some cheer for the Mail on Sunday which added 1,200 and the Sunday Times managed a three-digit increase.

The Sunday tabloids fell 4,600 perhaps like the morning red tops, the luster having dulled on the “foreign game”.

The market back by 2% on the month and (the magic) 10% on the year.

TitleSep-19Aug-19Sep-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror26,28027,85428,691-1,574-2,411-6%-8%
Daily Record266311259-457-14%3%
Irish Daily Star39,36340,35045,017-987-5,654-2%-13%
The Sun46,06447,98952,612-1,925-6,548-4%-12%
Daily Express2,0372,0802,303-43-266-2%-12%
Irish Daily Mail26,59827,26230,727-664-4,129-2%-13%
Daily Telegraph1,8131,8541,968-41-155-2%-8%
Financial Times2,1752,0652,204110-295%-1%
The Guardian2,1062,0892,02917771%4%
The Times3,0063,1236,796-117-3,790-4%-56%
Morning Market149,708154,977172,606-5,269-22,898-3%-13%
Daily Star - Sunday9,83510,03013,370-195-3,535-2%-26%
Sun on Sunday43,25345,05149,585-1,798-6,332-4%-13%
Sunday Mail654814685-160-31-20%-5%
Sunday Mirror18,26419,83219,543-1,568-1,279-8%-7%
The People6,4087,3277,174-919-766-13%-11%
Sunday Express2,5232,5752,680-52-157-2%-6%
Sunday Post296304333-8-37-3%-11%
Mail on Sunday56,12654,89956,1901,227-642%0%
The Observer4,3454,2514,115942302%6%
Sunday Telegraph1,4591,5371,575-78-116-5%-7%
Sunday Times67,35167,11271,210239-3,8590%-5%
Sunday Market210,514213,732226,460-3,218-15,946-2%-7%
Total Market360,222368,709399,066-8,487-38,844-2%-10%