ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2019

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Another day… October ABC’s showing no signs of bucking the trend and if you look at the accompanying graphic, you’ll see that the trend is far from reversing.

The tabloids are down 4% on the month and 12% on the year with the Daily Star taking the biggest hit of just shy of 2,000. Elsewhere in the market the movements are small and there’s nothing shocking to report. The People however did manage a 8% month on month increase but I doubt it’s enough to save it’s hide in this market.

Market back 3% on the month and 12% on the year.

TitleOct-19Sep-19Oct-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror25,17526,28027,723-1,105-2,548-4%-9%
Daily Record237266241-29-4-11%-2%
Irish Daily Star37,47439,36343,425-1,889-5,951-5%-14%
The Sun44,81546,06451,480-1,249-6,665-3%-13%
Daily Express1,9502,0372,100-87-150-4%-7%
Irish Daily Mail26,08226,59830,102-516-4,020-2%-13%
Daily Telegraph1,7051,8131,858-108-153-6%-8%
Financial Times2,1182,1752,184-57-66-3%-3%
The Guardian1,9722,1061,940-13432-6%2%
The Times2,7643,0066,679-242-3,915-8%-59%
Morning Market144,292149,708167,732-5,416-23,440-4%-14%
Daily Star - Sunday9,7469,83512,126-89-2,380-1%-20%
Sun on Sunday41,91143,25349,147-1,342-7,236-3%-15%
Sunday Mail72165475767-3610%-5%
Sunday Mirror18,51418,26420,349250-1,8351%-9%
The People6,9106,4087,683502-7738%-10%
Sunday Express2,4762,5232,570-47-94-2%-4%
Sunday Post288296342-8-54-3%-16%
Mail on Sunday54,78456,12660,226-1,342-5,442-2%-9%
The Observer4,1784,3454,167-16711-4%0%
Sunday Telegraph1,4191,4591,556-40-137-3%-9%
Sunday Times65,34167,35171,779-2,010-6,438-3%-9%
Sunday Market206,288210,514230,702-4,226-24,414-2%-11%
Total Market350,580360,222398,434-9,642-47,854-3%-12%