ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2020 (Covid19) Cert – update

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The ABC have given publishers a bit of latitude during the pandemic and there is no definitive release date. So, since Monday two publishers have released their data (partially anyway). Reach Plc have released for the Star and Express titles, but not for the Mirror or People.

The only way to tackle this is, as then are released, I’ll update the table below and include the release date.

TitleMay-20Apr-20May-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YReleased
Daily Mirror23,02822,53527,207493-4,1792%-15%19-Jun-20
Daily Record2011932468-453%-18%19-Jun-20
Irish Daily Star32,16832,21240,552-44-8,3840%-21%17-Jun-20
The SunNo Cert47,783
Daily Express1,4391,4532,041-14-602-1%-29%17-Jun-20
Irish Daily Mail23,02322,36527,412658-4,3892%-16%18-Jun-20
Financial Times1,6611,6481,79013-1291%-7%18-Jun-20
The Guardian1,8661,7382,120128-2546%-12%15-Jun-20
The TimesNo Cert1,928
Daily Star – Sunday8,5509,50410,478-954-1,928-9%-18%17-Jun-20
Sun on SundayNo Cert43,389
Sunday Mail529558725-29-196-4%-27%19-Jun-20
Sunday Mirror19,11817,88618,9341,2321847%1%19-Jun-20
The People7,1216,4116,98071014110%2%19-Jun-20
Sunday Express2,1472,4802,499-333-352-13%-14%17-Jun-20
Sunday Post241308
Mail on Sunday54,23251,86057,2222,372-2,9904%-5%18-Jun-20
The Observer4,5414,1573,9113056308%16%15-Jun-20
Sunday TimesNo Cert66,027