ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2019

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May ABC’s were released today. In the morning market the tabloids lost ground over April collectively down by 2,200.

The Times (Ireland Edition) dropped by 200 copies showing that, event given the negative press over the closure of the Irish edition there still is a cohort of people who are keen on the title.

Given that the title takes (currently) in or around €1m every year for News UK, it would suggest that when the Irish edition closes (and migrates to digital) they should go back to pre-Irish edition and simply ship in the unvarnished UK edition to sit on Irish shelves.

In the Sundays the Sunday Times dropped 3,000 copies on the month. There’s nothing to backup my fantasy that the digital promotion of a €5pm subscription is working and that’s why the print sales are declining.

Market down 3% on the month and 13% on the month.

TitleMay-19Apr-19May-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror27,20727,72829,483-521-2,276-2%-8%
Daily Record246276265-30-19-11%-7%
Irish Daily Star40,55241,50444,971-952-4,419-2%-10%
The Sun47,78348,58455,866-801-8,083-2%-14%
Daily Express2,0412,0722,330-31-289-1%-12%
Irish Daily Mail27,41227,52330,725-111-3,3130%-11%
Daily Telegraph1,79018681,744-7846-4%3%
Financial Times2,1202,1812,205-61-85-3%-4%
The Guardian1,9282,0181,921-907-4%0%
The Times3,1543,3636,868-209-3,714-6%-54%
Morning Market154,233157,117176,378-2,884-22,145-2%-13%
Daily Star - Sunday10,47811,41114,055-933-3,577-8%-25%
Sun on Sunday43,38945,29653,315-1,907-9,926-4%-19%
Sunday Mail72568070645197%3%
Sunday Mirror18,93418,99820,798-64-1,8640%-9%
The People6,9807,1027,971-122-991-2%-12%
Sunday Express2,4992,6153,028-116-529-4%-17%
Sunday Post3083033775-692%-18%
Mail on Sunday57,22257,89964,127-677-6,905-1%-11%
The Observer3,9114,0724,203-161-292-4%-7%
Sunday Telegraph1,4221,4301,744-8-322-1%-18%
Sunday Times66,02769,35074,639-3,323-8,612-5%-12%
Sunday Market211,895219,156244,963-7,261-33,068-3%-13%
Total Market366,128376,273421,341-10,145-55,213-3%-13%