ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2014

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Nothing spectacular happened in May – the end of the premier league and the beginning of the Football and Hurling championship (and therefore order being resorted to the world!).

The ABC’s were equally less than spectacular and continued along the same lines as normal. The Daily Mirror stepped into dangerous territory, dropping below the 50k mark. It had dipped there before in December, but that’s allowed given the season etc.The Daily Star managed to keep ahead of The Sun by a slim 82 copies, dropping 900 copies in the month and the latter picking up 300.

The Sunday tabloids as a group were up 3%, The Sun on Sunday adding nearly 2,000 and the Mirror picking up 1,600. The Sunday Times managed to add 1,000 odd and hauled itself over the 90k mark again.

Overall the mornings are static year on year and the Sundays are down 9%.

TitleMay-14May-13Apr-14Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 49,46552,63150,548-1,083-1,083-2.1%
Daily Record418476438-20-20-4.2%
Irish Daily Star61,23165,56862,080-849-849-1.3%
The Sun61,14964,14360,8742752750.4%
Daily Express2,7642,8702,840-76-76-2.6%
Irish Daily Mail50,23151,73950,0232082080.4%
The Daily Telegraph2,7082,8832,768-60-60-6.1%
Financial Times2,4572,7052,475-18-18-9.2%
The Guardian2,7523,0792,826-74-74-10.6%
i 831    
The Independent      
The Times2,2572,1442,250770.3%
Morning Market235,432249,069237,122-1,690-1,690-0.7%
Daily Star – Sunday19,70922,11719,0606496492.9%
The Sun/NotW56,37956,05454,5411,8381,8383.3%
Sunday Mail8561,008885-29-29-2.9%
Sunday Mirror35,39438,00633,7741,6201,6204.3%
The People12,91815,95813,346-428-428-2.7%
Sunday Express3,3323,7113,562-230-230-6.2%
Sunday Post531599559-28-28-4.7%
The Mail on Sunday100,052103,909100,157-105-105-0.1%
Independent on Sunday      
The Observer5,3075,9725,0922152153.6%
The Sunday Telegraph2,4892,7552,3701191194.3%
The Sunday Times90,14694,51089,1739739731.0%
Sunday  Market333,535344,599322,51911,01611,0163.2%
Racing Post      
Total Market506,272593,668559,641-53,369-53,369-9.0%