ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation June 2019

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The ABC for June 2019 were released today bringing the first half of the year to a close. Tracking the newspapers with six months under their respective belts, the outlook is bleak. Year on year for the first six months of the year these papers are down 10.8% on the first six months of 2018. So, you can assume with some certainty that the Island of Ireland report next month will hold no good news.

The only item of note is The Times ABC which ceased the Irish edition on 22nd of June and the cert covers 27 May to 30 June 2019.

TitleJun-19May-19Jun-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror26,61227,20729,054-595-2,442-2%-8%
Daily Record232246302-14-70-6%-23%
Irish Daily Star40,23440,55244,425-318-4,191-1%-9%
The Sun47,31747,78353,441-466-6,124-1%-11%
Daily Express2,6842,0412,38464330032%13%
Irish Daily Mail27,19727,41230,200-215-3,003-1%-10%
Daily Telegraph1,8191,7902,04129-2222%-11%
Financial Times2,1552,1202,13235232%1%
The Guardian1,9701,9282,01642-462%-2%
The Times3,1403,1546,993-14-3,8530%-55%
Morning Market153,360154,233172,988-873-19,628-1%-11%
Daily Star - Sunday11,00210,47814,331524-3,3295%-23%
Sun on Sunday43,99743,38950,278608-6,2811%-12%
Sunday Mail677725742-48-65-7%-9%
Sunday Mirror18,82818,93420,960-106-2,132-1%-10%
The People6,8406,9807,887-140-1,047-2%-13%
Sunday Express2,6392,4992,583140566%2%
Sunday Post3113083633-521%-14%
Mail on Sunday55,55957,22260,822-1,663-5,263-3%-9%
The Observer4,0903,9114,217179-1275%-3%
Sunday Telegraph1,4691,4221,63547-1663%-10%
Sunday Times65,42966,02770,567-598-5,138-1%-7%
Sunday Market210,841211,895234,385-1,054-23,5440%-10%
Total Market364,201366,128407,373-1,927-43,172-1%-11%