ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation July 2020

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July 2020 ABC numbers are in and its a mixed bag. Some titles are doing better on the previous month and some are not. The column entitled P.C. means ‘pre-Covid’. Its just to focus on the increases or the falls when compared to the pre-pandemic numbers.
The standout number if the Financial Times which has lost 36% of it’s sales since the introduction of Covid19. It stands to reason with all the offices closed across the country, but it also indicates that its read – so long as someone else pays for the paper!

TitleJul-20Jun-20Jul-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YP.C.'000%Released
Daily Mirror24,84623,51425,6261,332-7805%-3%25,001-155-1%18-Aug-20
Daily Record23520529630-6110%-21%244
Irish Daily Star34,12633,15839,399968-5,2732%-13%35,638-1,512-4%18-Aug-20
The Sunn/a46,41244,107
Daily Express1,5361,5101,96926-4331%-22%1,879-343-22%18-Aug-20
Irish Daily Mail23,16523,15226,89513-3,7300%-14%25,299-2,134-9%20-Aug-20
Financial Times1,5391,5872,083-48-544-2%-26%2,096-557-36%17-Aug-20
The Guardian1,7241,7881,997-64-273-3%-14%1,52619811%17-Aug-20
The Timesn/a3,0212,556
Daily Star - Sunday7,8258,68710,368-862-2,543-8%-25%9,088-1,263-16%18-Aug-20
Sun on Sundayn/a41,489
Sunday Mail
Sunday Mirror18,90918,43319,776476-8672%-4%18,4164933%18-Aug-20
The People6,8376,6517,041186-2043%-3%6,4144236%18-Aug-20
Sunday Express1,9742,0102,609-36-635-1%-24%2,324-350-18%18-Aug-20
Sunday Post
Mail on Sunday53,15054,65355,557-1,503-2,407-3%-4%54,498-1,348-3%20-Aug-20
The Observer3,9904,2144,147-224-157-5%-4%3,8081825%17-Aug-20
Sunday Timesn/a64,60464,376