ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation July 2019

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July ABC’s: The tabloids, collectively, to a bit of a hammering dropping nearly 1,000 each. The month holds very little for the red-tops as there’s very little in terms of sport with the GAA only at the provincial stages. August will provide them with some sporting ammunition with the super 8’s, the hurling final and the return of the soccer season.

The tabloids managed to tread water in the Sunday market. The Sunday Times ‘lost’ another 800 – but as I suspect some of that is a migration to the digital platform priced keenly at €5 a month. There no figures on the ABC to backup or refute that assertion and even a polite email to the press office across the water fell on deaf ears.

The Times, in its full month without the dedicated ‘Irish edition’, managed to sell 3,000 copies roughly the same level is sold before the local edition ceased. Down 1% o the month and a worrying 12% on the year.

TitleJul-19Jun-19Jul-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror25,62626,61229,054-986-3,428-4%-12%
Daily Record29623230264-628%-2%
Irish Daily Star39,39940,23444,425-835-5,026-2%-11%
The Sun46,41247,31753,441-905-7,029-2%-13%
Daily Express1,9692,6842,384-715-415-27%-17%
Irish Daily Mail26,89527,19730,200-302-3,305-1%-11%
Daily Telegraph1,8341,8192,04115-2071%-10%
Financial Times2,0832,1552,132-72-49-3%-2%
The Guardian1,9971,9702,01627-191%-1%
The Times3,0213,1406,993-119-3,972-4%-57%
Morning Market149,532153,360172,988-3,828-23,456-2%-14%
Daily Star - Sunday10,36811,00214,331-634-3,963-6%-28%
Sun on Sunday43,10643,99750,278-891-7,172-2%-14%
Sunday Mail675677742-2-670%-9%
Sunday Mirror19,77618,82820,960948-1,1845%-6%
The People7,0416,8407,887201-8463%-11%
Sunday Express2,6092,6392,583-3026-1%1%
Sunday Post301311363-10-62-3%-17%
Mail on Sunday55,55755,55960,822-2-5,2650%-9%
The Observer4,1474,0904,21757-701%-2%
Sunday Telegraph1,4741,4691,6355-1610%-10%
Sunday Times64,60465,42970,567-825-5,963-1%-8%
Sunday Market209,658210,841234,385-1,183-24,727-1%-11%