ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation January 2020

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The ABC for January 2020 were released. It shows that the year on year for the Morning titles dropped by 14% and the Sunday down 15%.

Of note is the absence of a cert for both the Daily and Sunday Telegraph. They decided last month that they were no longer going to audit their newspaper circulation.

The ‘total market’ reflects this and their figures from previous periods do not form part of the total market.

TitleJan-20Dec-19Jan-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror25,81725,28928,628528-2,8112%-10%
Daily Record243235239843%2%
Irish Daily Star31,32536,13241,722-4,807-10,397-12%-25%
The Sun45,86643,70152,1292,165-6,2634%-12%
Daily Express1,9951,7162,027279-3214%-2%
Irish Daily Mail25,20325,00929,302194-4,0991%-14%
Daily Telegraph1,6691,956
Financial Times2,2102,1282,32782-1174%-5%
The Guardian1,9751,9852,101-10-1260%-6%
The Times2,6932,6796,29614-3,6030%-57%
Morning Market*137,327138,874164,771-1,547-27,444-1%-17%
TitleDec-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Star - Sunday9,5909,55512,40535-2,8150%-23%
Sun on Sunday41,97241,04847,373924-5,4012%-11%
Sunday Mail6045966808-761%-11%
Sunday Mirror18,62018,17421,248446-2,6282%-12%
The People6,6096,6847,493-75-884-1%-12%
Sunday Express2,1992,3612,658-162-459-6%-17%
Sunday Post27426131713-434%-14%
Mail on Sunday55,06553,62161,0641,444-5,9992%-10%
The Observer3,9254,1913,993-266-68-7%-2%
Sunday Telegraph1,3991,502
Sunday Times67,34565,30973,4082,036-6,0633%-8%
Sunday Market206,203201,800230,6394,403-24,4362%-11%
Total Market343,530340,674395,4102,856-51,8801%-15%