ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2019

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The final numbers of 2019 were released today allowing us to see where the market (well those papers who are audited) ended up last year.

Just a courtesy look at December: It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, as December can go either way for the papers. But sales were down only 1% on the previous month – but -16% on the year, more on that later. In short, the month threw up no real surprises.

TitleDec-19Nov-19Dec-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror25,28925,23128,59958-3,3100%-12%
Daily Record2352272428-73%-3%
Irish Daily Star36,13237,32843,294-1,196-7,162-3%-17%
The Sun43,70144,07450,389-373-6,688-1%-13%
Daily Express1,7161,8642,031-148-315-7%-16%
Irish Daily Mail25,00925,77729,441-768-4,432-3%-15%
Daily Telegraph1,6691,6341,93635-2672%-14%
Financial Times2,1282,0492,25879-1303%-6%
The Guardian1,9851,8802,053105-685%-3%
The Times2,6792,6466,43633-3,7571%-58%
Morning Market140,543142,710166,679-2,167-26,136-1%-16%
TitleDec-19Nov-19Dec-18M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Star - Sunday9,5559,47812,23777-2,6821%-22%
Sun on Sunday41,04841,76247,137-714-6,089-2%-13%
Sunday Mail5965323236427320%85%
Sunday Mirror18,17417,93920,267235-2,0931%-10%
The People6,6846,6467,05838-3741%-5%
Sunday Express2,3612,3362,41125-501%-2%
Sunday Post261271323-10-62-3%-19%
Mail on Sunday53,62154,72358,394-1,102-4,773-2%-8%
The Observer4,1914,0674,145124463%1%
Sunday Telegraph1,3991,3471,51552-1163%-8%
Sunday Times65,30966,19169,784-882-4,475-1%-6%
Sunday Market203,199205,292223,594-2,093-20,395-1%-9%
Total Market343,742348,002390,273-4,260-46,531-1%-13%

As the figures for the twelve months are available for the audited titles we can see where this portion of the market ended up. But going on experience, where the monthly audited papers ended up at the end of the year is highly correlated to where the papers who are audited every six months ended up! In short, the monthly ‘bundle’ is a very good reflection of the market as a whole.


Looking at the six month averages, the morning market fell by 14% which is a new low for that market. It was aided and abetted by decent declines in the tabloids.

TitleJD 2019JD 2018Diff+/- %
Daily Mirror25,90928,632-2,722-9.5%
Daily Record262264-2-0.8%
Irish Daily Star38,34144,233-5,892-13.3%
The Sun45,50952,121-6,612-12.7%
Daily Express1,9362,217-281-12.7%
Irish Daily Mail26,27130,424-4,154-13.7%
The Daily Telegraph1,7521,956-205-10.5%
Financial Times2,1032,075281.3%
The Guardian2,0052,009-4-0.2%
The Times2,8736,730-3,857-57.3%
Morning Market146,960171,357-24,396-14.2%

If you look at a twelve month average of the percentage change (by month) in the morning market, it shows that the recent past have really been tough on the market.


Turning to the Sunday market, their six month decline was a little more respectable turning in a decline of 9%.

TitleJD 2019JD 2018Diff+/- %
Daily Star - Sunday9,83512,880-3,044-23.6%
The Sun on Sunday42,68949,304-6,616-13.4%
Sunday Mail665656101.5%
Sunday Mirror18,75020,249-1,499-7.4%
The People6,8367,421-585-7.9%
Sunday Express2,4802,607-127-4.9%
Sunday Post287341-55-16.0%
The Mail on Sunday54,95259,204-4,252-7.2%
The Observer4,1974,161350.8%
The Sunday Telegraph1,4391,581-142-9.0%
The Sunday Times65,98571,586-5,602-7.8%
Sunday Market208,114229,989-21,875-9.5%

The twelve month average of the percentage change in the Sunday market shows shows a little more resilience than the morning.

Finally – the total market seen as a six month average, it too is at an all time low at 11%