ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation August 2020

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Some numbers beginning to come through, more publications will report during the week.

The Daily Star dipped 14% on the month and they are down 41% since the start of this pandemic. Not they are normally in the same paragraph, but the Financial Times has fallen 39% since March. There are no numbers to indicate if there has been an increase in their online subs. The only paper showing any growth since March is The Guardian, but they are small numbers in the first place.

TitleJul-20Jul-20Aug-19M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/YP.C.'000%Released
Daily Mirror24,60124,84627,854-245-3,253-1%-12%25,001-400-2%15-Sep-20
Daily Record242235242703%0%244-2-1%15-Sep-20
Irish Daily Star33,80334,12640,350-323-6,547-1%-16%35,638-1,835-5%15-Sep-20
The Sunn/an/an/a44,107
Daily Express1,5841,5362,08048-4962%-24%1,879-295-19%15-Sep-20
Irish Daily Mail23,22923,16527,26264-4,0330%-15%25,299-2,070-9%16-Sep-20
Financial Times1,5061,5392,065-33-559-2%-27%2,096-590-39%16-Sep-20
The Guardian1,7181,7242,089-6-3710%-18%1,52619211%16-Sep-20
The Timesn/an/an/a2,556
Daily Star - Sunday6,4667,82510,030-1,359-3,564-14%-36%9,088-2,622-41%15-Sep-20
Sun on Sundayn/an/an/a41,489
Sunday Mail640814814
Sunday Mirror18,50718,90919,832-402-1,325-2%-7%18,416910%15-Sep-20
The People6,4396,8377,327-398-888-5%-12%6,414250%15-Sep-20
Sunday Express2,0141,9742,57540-5612%-22%2,324-310-15%15-Sep-20
Sunday Post304
Mail on Sunday52,85153,15054,899-299-2,048-1%-4%54,498-1,647-3%16-Sep-20
The Observer3,9753,9904,251-15-2760%-6%3,8081674%16-Sep-20
Sunday Timesn/an/an/a64,376

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