ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2019

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April 2019 ABC circulation figures were released. The trend remains the same with very little by way of anomalies. The bulks have remained off the majority of News UK title, bat the Sunday Times which is carrying roughly 3,000 bulks. The Sun and Sun on Sunday remain fat-free for the second month.

The Daily Star dropped 2,500 on the month but that was mainly due to an increase in sales in March due to Cheltenham.
In the Sunday Market, all remains the same. Month on month the market is static but down 12% year on year.

TitleApr-19Mar-1918-AprM/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror27,728
Daily Record27625126725910%3%
Irish Daily Star41,50444,03447,238-2,530-5,734-6%-12%
The Sun48,58449,85457,627-1,270-9,043-3%-16%
Daily Express2,0722,0942,316-22-244-1%-11%
Irish Daily Mail27,52327,60332,714-80-5,1910%-16%
Daily Telegraph18681,8341,98934-1212%-6%
Financial Times2,1812,1812,2240-430%-2%
The Guardian2,0181,9441,96574534%3%
The Times3,3633,6747,018-311-3,655-8%-52%
Morning Market157,117161,323183,808-4,206-26,691-3%-15%
Daily Star - Sunday11,41111,59714,163-186-2,752-2%-19%
Sun on Sunday45,29643,46853,2541,828-7,9584%-15%
Sunday Mail68064068240-26%0%
Sunday Mirror18,99818,77620,464222-1,4661%-7%
The People7,1026,8007,622302-5204%-7%
Sunday Express2,6152,5542,52061952%4%
Sunday Post3033023851-820%-21%
Mail on Sunday57,89958,62563,449-726-5,550-1%-9%
The Observer4,0724,0524,12120-490%-1%
Sunday Telegraph1,4301,4511,588-21-158-1%-10%
Sunday Times69,35067,98974,1491,361-4,7992%-6%
Sunday Market219,156216,254242,3972,902-23,2411%-10%
Total Market376,273377,577426,205-1,304-49,9320%-12%

Times Ireland closure

The Times Ireland edition pulled the plug on it’s Irish print edition, but is maintaining the publication in a digital format. News UK have made a concerted effort to convert readers of the two Times titles to their digital platform with an offering of €5 per month. In the case of the print edition of the  Times Ireland, the reality is that their last ABC showed that they were only 800 copies to the better than their pre-launch ABC number.