ABC Circulation Jan June 2015

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Remarkably, there’s now no ‘solid’ (in my eyes) metric for the best selling Irish Morning Newspaper. Having suddenly jettisoned their ABC certification, we can now only rely on the JNRS and perhaps some web metrics, when and if they appear, for some solid ‘market’ data on the Irish Independent. My views on the JNRS are easy to find here and my apathy towards them is not veiled.

I’m sure that across Europe most of the ‘best selling’ morning papers in each country have an audited sales figure (I might revisit that later) and an audited figure is expected by their clients. We can only wait and see what the view in the market will be and how it actually resonates with advertisers.

We’ll move away from this for the moment and look at those that did produce a figure.

Sunday Market:

The Sunday Independent is down 8.6% to 201,000. The magic of 94% actively purchasing their title and 6% multiple copy sales keeps them up above the 200,000 plateau this time out. The Sunday World fell sharper, down 10% to 178,000 and there’s no corrective surgery on the number with 100% actively purchased. The Sunday Business Post did better than the market with a 4.5% drop to 32,000 and a marginal increase in multiple copy sales.

The Tabloids are down below the market drop with the Daily Star Sunday dropping 19%, but as they make little or no effort in the Irish Market, this is to be expected. The Sun on Sunday, although falling, is doing ‘better’ than the market as a whole only dropping 4%. On the other hand the Sunday Mirror dropped 14% over the year to 30,000. I think The People have given up and are back 18% in the year.

The Mail on Sunday shows a decrease of 9,000 or 10%, but their circulation is volatile on the back of multiple copy sales and promotions.

Table: Sunday ABC Circulation 2015 Jan-June

Publication JJ 2015 JJ 2014 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Sunday Independent  201,622 220,565 -18,943 -9%
Sunday World 178,867 198,260 -19,393 -10%
Sunday Business Post 32,498 34,012 -1,514 -4%
Daily Star Sunday 16,138 19,877 -3,739 -19%
The Sun (Sunday) 53,047 55,417 -2,370 -4%
Irish Sunday Mirror 30,586 35,467 -4,881 -14%
The People 11,340 13,759 -2,419 -18%
(Total Tabloid) 289,978 322,780 -32,802 -10%
Sunday Express 3,165 3,486 -321 -9%
Mail on Sunday 90,399 100,082 -9,683 -10%
Independent.on Sunday        
The Observer 4,860 5,319 -459 -9%
Sunday Telegraph 2,274 2,528 -254 -10%
Sunday Times 82,748 91,841 -9,093 -10%
Total Sunday 707,544 780,613 -73,069 -9%

The Sunday Times is also back 10% to 82,000. It has to be remembered that during the year they had a price increase from €2:80 to €3:00 which, although still the right side of a bad price point, may have had a negative effect on sales. The price increase, in overall revenue terms, is marginally working in their favor at this point by about 3% I’d estimate.

The rest of the papers are small in number and have little impact on the market.

The Sunday market is down 9.4% on the year and the more alarming metric would be the rate of change graph below which shows a reversal for fortunes.

Graphics: Sunday Market

sunday market 2015jj

sunday papers 2015jj

sunday rate change 2015jj

Morning Market

The Irish Independent deemed it appropriate to abandon the (once?) staple metric of newspaper publishing. It’s their dime but, I wouldn’t agree with it. It’s been replaced with…….silence.

The Irish Times is down 5% to 76,194 dropping below the eighty mark but is still marginally better than the market rebased figures without the Irish Independent, which showed a 6% fall. Their actively purchased dropped over the year from 89% to 88%.

The Examiner too is back 5% to 33,000 and they have an insignificant number of bulks and multiple copy sales.

Like the Sunday Market the Tabloids suffered more that the morning market. Collectively they are down 8% with The Daily Mirror dropping 14% to 43,000. The Sun and Daily Star are down 5% each with The Sun marginally ahead of The Star.

The Daily Mail is doing better than the market down 1% and, again, the other papers are small in terms of numbers. 

Table: Morning Market Sales 2015 Jan-June 

Publication JJ 2015 JJ 2014 Diff ‘000 Diff %
Irish Independent n/a 112,383 -112,383  
Irish Times 76,194 80,332 -4,138 -5.2%
Examiner 33,198 35,026 -1,828 -5.2%
Daily Mirror 43,250 50,263 -7,013 -14.0%
Irish Daily Star 57,658 60,998 -3,340 -5.5%
The Sun 57,702 60,711 -3,009 -5.0%
Tabloids 158,610 171,972 -13,362 -7.8%
Daily Express 2,588 2,785 -197 -7.1%
Irish Daily Mail 49,876 50,503 -627 -1.2%
Daily Telegraph 2,612 2,726 -114 -4.2%
Financial Times 2,371 2,462 -91 -3.7%
Guardian 2,561 2,792 -231 -8.3%
The Times 2,348 2,182 166 7.6%
Total 330,358 463,163    
Ex Independent 330,358 350,780 -20,422 -5.8%

I’ll have to revisit the graphics as I’ll have to rebase some of them in the absence of the Indo!

Graphics: Morning Market

Morning sales 2015jj