Radio Demographics JNLR 2012_3

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Finally, a take on the demographics of the national listening. Below is a chart which looked at the demographics in a slightly different way. There’s enough analysis of the figures via the radio stations to make your eyes glaze over aka “we’re the fastest growing station in Ireland and we reach 12 people”.

Below are “propensities” – they show a particular demographics leaning towards or away from a station above or beyond the national average. Say the population universe for AB’s is 12% and a stations profile of AB’s is 14%, then that station has a higher propensity to attract AB’s. It’s not the straight take on we have X thousand listeners or we reach y% of 50 year olds etc, but it may show up strengths and weaknesses and a stations demographic makeup.

My colour coding is based on a index pivoting around 100. Above 110 is in green indicating that the station (or demographic) has a predilection towards that demographic (or station).

rad dem blk2


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