JNLR September 2010 – Dublin Radio Stations

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Evening loosing 2% points in Dublin, RTE 1 is still the dominant player in the market and by nearly 100,000 pairs of ears. FM104 is its nearest rival in the capital at a reach of 189,000 people followed by Spin at 140,000 how have vaulted a place to second over the past 12 months.

But lurking in the background and doing very steady work is Q102. Currently in 5th position they have been grabbing listeners survey after survey. In the survey in 2007 the same station had a mere 96,000 listeners ‘yesterday’ – it’s not too shabby.         

2FM and Newstalk lost over 20,000 each in the 12 months in the Capital, Today FM lost 14,000 and 4FM hit the airways with 22,000.

Phanthom has its problems on and off the pitch and in this survey they dropped to 22,000 listeners. 

Dublin Listenership   2010 ‘000    2010%2009 ‘000      2009%          +/-
Any Radio83085%84686%-16
Any National44946%49751%-48
Any RTE Radio36437%39340%-29
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric36437%39140%-27
RTE Radio 127628%29430%-18
Spin 103814014%13514%5
Dublin’s 98FM13714%14515%-8
RTE 2FM10210%12313%-21
Today FM849%9810%-14
RTEL Lyric FM515%535%-2
Country Mix 106.8FM323%384%-6
4FM222%  22
Phantom 105.2FM222%303%-8
Any Region/Local/M-City49751%48149%16

But it’s not only the reach that is important in listenership – but also the share (which can be slightly different) and the story here is Q102. They have fairly spectacularly moved their share by three percentage points to 11.2% in 12 months. It would suggest that their listeners are engaging more with the station and listening longer every daily. If they continue on this path they’ll be vying for the second place slot very shortly.

Station %     2010     2009        +/-
RTÉ Radio 1  30.932.9-2.0
FM104 11.510.60.9
Dublin’s 98 11.310.11.2
RTÉ 2FM 7.58.9-1.4
Today FM 6.56.9-0.4
Newstalk  5.97.5-1.6
Spin 1038 5.86.1-0.3
Country Mix 106.8FM
RTÉ Lyric FM 32.80.2
4FM 1.701.7
Phantom 105.2 0.91.7-0.8

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