JNLR April 2010 to March 2011 National Stations

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Radio seems in a healthy state. It manages to captivate 85% of the population on an average weekday. That’s just over the 3m mark and only loosing 40,000 pairs of ears over the twelve month period to April 2010 to March 2011.

But the results from the JNLR show that, for yet another quarter, 2FM have lost listeners in their droves.

Over the year they have managed to rid themselves of nearly 100,000 listeners dropping from 521,000 to 428,000 and falling from a reach of 15% to 12%.


20112010+/- +/- 
Any Radio300385%304386%-40-1%
Any National163747%172449%-87-2%
Any RTE Radio124936%133038%-81-2%
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric123535%131637%-81-2%
RTE Radio 187225%87125%10%
RTE 2FM42812%52115%-93-3%
RTE Lyric FM1083%1173%-90%
Today Fm46013%49014%-30-1%
Any Region/203058%205458%-240%
Home Local Station158545%162946%-44-1%



Another faller was Today FM dropping 30,000 and to a reach of 13% (460,000). The other stations managed to stay relatively stable in the survey with the exception of Newstalk who added a fairly respectable 23,000 listeners.

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